Friday, January 30, 2009

Look at me! I got an award!!

This was awarded to me from my new friend Suz. She writes a blog, too, and you can find it here:

I would love to say that I wrote a post that changed her life in some huge way but actually all I did was be one of the last 7 people who left a comment on her blog. That was pretty easy.

The rules for this award are:
1.Choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2.Show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap".
3. list at least ten honest things about yourself.

Ok..I read a lot of blogs every day. How am I supposed to choose who to bequeath an award? I wouldn't read a blog that I didn't like and yet it seems to be such a huge cop out to award one to everyone. is just a sampling of the blogs I read... Please check them out if you get a chance.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are hanging our shingle.....

For the couple of decades my sister and I have really enjoyed taking pictures. We've progressed from taking pictures with our little point and shoot camera to fancy schmancy Canon AE1 with a zoom lens as long as our arm. I loved the zoom lens especially when I was taking pictures of the kids. When you are using a camera that doesn't have a zoom...the instant the kids see you pointing your camera at them they stop and give you their camera smile and more often than not what you see is a face, frozen in time, wearing something that feels like a smile yet looks like the child is in pain. With a zoom lens you can be in the back of the room and the kids don't even notice you and it's easier to get a good picture.

We rolled right in to the new millennium and got digital cameras. The zoom is built in and the pictures are sharp but I'd still like to have my old camera back.

I've gotten a few lucky shots through out the years but since I have no desire to take technical classes or learn how to build a camera so my skills are very limited. My sister, on the other hand, is married to a man who started his career as a photographer and is now producing '90210'. He has taught her a lot about composing shots and how to use lighting properly and I am able to ride in on her coat tails.

We have talked for years about opening our own photography business and have just never gotten the ball rolling. It has more to do with our confidence level than anything else. We are afraid of being thought of as professional photographers and then not being able to deliver what is expected of us, so instead we take 100's of pictures of every event we attend and then just give them away to whom ever wants them. It is a fun hobby. No expectations and everyone is usually very happy with the end product.

Enter my daughter. She is very, very artistic. She can draw. She can paint. She can take wonderful pictures. She can decorate. She can coordinate. And she can arrange flowers like no ones business. She has done the flowers for several of her friends and each and every one of them have turned out stunningly beautiful. She doesn't usually charge for her services, she only charges for the purchase of the flowers and accoutrements. Her arranging and delivering of the flowers is her gift to the bride and groom. I have done everything I can to convince her to open an actual business and go for it. She is very talented and very accommodating and there is no reason that she shouldn't get paid to do something she enjoys so much. (double standard much?)

She has a friend who's father is getting re-married and she asked Tori and I if we would like to photograph the wedding. I said YES!, and then proceeded to just about throw up. WHAT WAS I DOING? WHAT IF WE SCREW THIS UP? WHAT IF EVERY SHOT LOOKS LIKE I WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN WHEN I TOOK IT? WHAT IF MY CAMERA BREAKS? WHAT IF MY PICTURES DON'T DO THE COUPLE ANY JUSTICE? WHAT WAS I THINKING????

Just as I was having my own private heart attack my sister sent me some shots that she took at a recent birthday party and my fears instantly subsided. She is an awesome photographer and she is very good at doctoring photos on the computer. I think that between the two of us we will do very well if we just remember to breath in/breath out.

Now, the real purpose of this post....I would like for you to tell me about wedding photos. What was your favorite pose? What was your least favorite pose? What are the most important shots that some photographers miss? Of course we know that there should be pictures of the bride and groom at the alter, the bridal party walking down the aisle, candle lighting ceremonies, etc. What I want to know is what is out of the ordinary that we shouldn't miss? What is out of the ordinary that we should skip? Input! Johnny 5 neeeds more input!!!

It bothers me to see wedding party pictures where dress straps are hanging off of shoulders or bouquets are not even or some jackets are buttoned and others are swinging open so I will have those details covered. My daughter has a picture from her wedding where it's just a picture of her and her husband from the back and she's grabbing her groom's butt! I love this picture...but would it be as fun for a couple who are in their 50's? Give me ideas....and wish us well!

Love, Tami


Monday, January 26, 2009

Bucket List

I'm getting pretty good at hijacking ideas from other bloggers so here I go again. I took this bucket list from Jason.

I've accomplished a lot of things on this list but I have some things I'd like to add to my own personal bucket list...I will do that on another post.

1. Started your own blog
You’d look pretty silly being on this page if I hadn’t!
2. Slept under the stars
I have slept under the stars on a couple of occasions but the most memorable time was in 1977 when my family stayed at a place in Mission Bay called “Campland”. My sister, her best friend and I slept in sleeping bags outside of our rented mini Winnebago. I was awakened due to something touching my face repeatedly. At first I thought it was a pesky fly or something then as I was more awake I thought it was a wild animal or that prolific serial murderer with the hook for a I tried to jump up to get away…not an easy feat when you are entangled in a sleeping bag. I was very happy to discover that the wild animal serial killer who was tapping my face was a very beautiful kitty who belonged to the campers next door to us. The kitty was on a leash and he was streeeeetcccchhhhed as far as he could be in order to reach me. His hind legs were paralyzed so he rolled instead of walked. The sun was up so he thought it was time to play.
3. Played in a band
I am assuming that my tenure in the Fairgrove marching Falcons and subsequent enlistment in the Workman High School marching Lobos doesn't count.....
4. Visited Hawaii
I have been to Hawaii many times and I can’t wait to return. It is truly paradise and I would move there in a heart beat if I could get my family to move with me.
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Bathed in a river
I swam in the Colorado river but there was no soap involved.
7. Been to the Taj Mahal
I really have no desire to see that part of the world.
8. Walked on a glacier in Alaska
I stuck my foot in glacier water when I was in Canada and it was so cold that my foot instantly went numb. Does that count?
9. Caught and held a snake
Not if it would save the universe from certain extinction.
10. Spoke in front of a big crowd
I have done public speaking but never to a crowd that was so big it required crowd control. I have no fear of public speaking.
11. Bungee jumped
Not yet, but one of these days.
12. Had a whirlwind love affair that broke your heart
Not really a whirlwind kinda gal…
13. Found an arrowhead or fossil
Found the skull of an animal in the hills behind my high school…does that count?
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
I taught myself to crochet. I can’t read a pattern and I don’t even know if I’m doing it right but I’ve made several blankets and scarves and they haven’t fallen apart so I must be doing something right!
15. Rescued an animal
I have rescued a tiny baby bunny, and so many kittens that I’ve lost count. You’ve never lived until you’ve tried to hand feed a litter of kittens who need to eat several times a day while you have a full time job on the other end of town. (prepare formula, warm it up, put it in a bottle, wrap kitten in a towel or get kneaded to smithereens, feed kitten, get milk all over everything in the vacinity, burp kitten, encourage kitten to pee, clean up mess and start with the next kitten.) Kitten Milk Replacement (KMR) stinks and it's sticky. I've been covered from head to toe with it on many, many occasions.
16. Ate sweet breads, glands or tripe
Truly, truly, not if I were starving to death would I put that crap in my mouth. I would eat cement before I would eat sweet breads.
17. Seen Mount Rushmore in person
18. Grown your own vegetables
I have had many of my own gardens and while tomatoes and cucumbers are really good there is nothing better than eating sugar snap peas right off the vine.
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France
Yes, I’ve gotten to hang with Mona. If you look in my archives…I wrote all about it and even posted a picture of her. It was a dream come true.
20. Slept on an overnight train
21. Had a pillow fight
22. Hiked to base camp on Mt. Everest)
23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t done this?
24. Built a snow fort
25. Watched an animal being born
Kittens, puppies and a cow.
26. Gone skinny dipping
I have done some crazy things in my life but so far I've never been inspired to do this.
27. Learned a foreign language
I’ve taken 3 semesters of sign language in college. If you want me to tell you that you are beautiful or that someone is a flying asshole than I’m your girl! Other than that...I can do my ABC's....
28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
I rode a gondola in Las Vegas. That is in my archives, too.
29. Seen a total eclipse
I’ve seen one and while I know it’s rare I just didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.
30. Stayed up for more than 24 hours
I’ve done this on several occasions. It was much easier when I was 20.
31. Trained a dog to do cool tricks
32. Been on a cruise
I’ve been on a 4 day Mexican cruise twice. I LOVE being on a ship in the ocean and I would like to do it again...maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. Both times my cruise was cursed with cold and rainy weather. Sat out on the deck just long enough to say I did it. When I got too cold I came back inside. That took about 45 seconds.
33. Seen Niagara Falls in person
I’ve been to Niagara Falls twice. If you get too close to the spray you need to beware because all of a sudden you will be starring in your very own yet very public wet tee shirt contest!
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
Last summer I got to go to Wales and I’m glad to see that I come by my affection for thrift stores because of my Welsh ancestry.
35. Seen an Amish community
I’ve been to the Amish country in Ohio twice. It is fascinating to think that there are people in today’s world who don’t use electricity yet still run a business on a daily basis. I went to a shoe store that had gas lighting and they used scratch paper to figure out the cost of my shoes instead of a cash register.
36. Can drive a stick shift car
Of course I can drive a stick shift car….easy peasy lemon squeezy!
37. Won over $1000 in a raffle or lottery
I won much more than that in a class action law suit that I never expected to produce .05 so it was like winning the lottery. (When I was married to my 2nd husband we came within one number of winning the lottery. We had all but one number but we had the bonus number. I honestly just about fainted. We did win a nice amount of money but we had to split it with 19 other people.)
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
39. Gone rock climbing
40. Seen Michelangelo’s David
41. Sung karaoke
My sister and I sang karaoke and cleared out the room at a littlel girl's birthday party! I have played "Rock Band" with my little nephew and I thought I was really bringing it home with "Blitzkreig Bop" until he said, "Why are you singing it like that, Momo?"
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
Yes, and while it is beautiful it stinks!
43. Been serenaded
I've been sung to but not officially serenaded.
44. Visited Africa
Not yet….
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
Yes, on more than one occasion. It is always lovely, of course it is more lovely in Hawaii because the water is warmer.
46. Broke a bone
I have broken my funny bone on more than one occasion and it was painful but it pails in comparison to tearing or stretching ligaments. I’ve torn more ligaments than Carters got pills and the pain is relentless and it takes forever to heal. I highly recommend breaking a bone over tearing a ligament.
47. Started your own business
Funny you should ask…this will be the subject of tomorrows post.
48. Quit a job because you were totally unhappy
Yes. I. Did. I worked for a company who’s initials were the same as a monthly womanly plague and I swear the name was perfect. The woman I worked for was completely insane. If I could remember her name we could search for her email address and tell her that I hope she gets many painful hangnails. (I actually do remember her name…but the name she used at work was a nom-de-plume. She didn’t use her real name because the company screwed many people out of a lot of money and when they regrouped she didn’t want anyone to know that she was still working there.)
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. Been to the Eiffel Tower
I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower twice and it was glorious both times. On my second visit we went to the 2nd landing. I couldn’t convince my sister to go any higher but one of these days I will make it to the top.
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
I have gone snorkeling in Hawaii. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I can’t wait to do it again. I would love to learn how to scuba dive but I am too afraid of the tank being too heavy and drowning me.
52. Kissed in the rain passionately
53. Played in the mud
One time my sister and one of our cousins and I played in the mud when we were quite old enough to know better. We were supposed to be waiting patiently to go somewhere but we went to the mud hole instead. We were covered in it from head to toe. I remember having so much fun….but I also remember being embarrassed when we came back home and looked like a bunch of 5 year olds.
54. Gone to a drive-in
Many, many times.
55. Been in a movie
I’ve done extra work on the tv show “Life Goes On”. It was the longest 3 days of my life and that quelled any possible ambition I ever had to become an actress.
56. Visited the Great Wall of China
57. Joined a prayer group
58. Taken a martial arts class
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
Two Thanksgivings in a row I flew to Ohio and helped a church group put thousands of meals together for homeless people and elderly shut ins. It was a very rewarding experience and I was in awe at seeing so many people come together and do something nice with out fighting about anything.
61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies
I was a cadet girl scout and I’ve been a Brownie leader and I had to sell cookies whether I liked it or not. Then I switched to being a Daisy leader because they don’t have to sell cookies.
62. Gone whale watching
I’ve been whale watching in southern California and in Hawaii. In California we got so close to whales that I thought they were going to fling our boat out of the water with just a tiny flick of their pinkie. You feel very invincible and secure in a commercial cabin cruiser until you get near a whale …that’s when you realize just how small you really are.
63. Received flowers for no reason
Both of my husbands were very generous at bringing me flowers for no reason. Of course they were the flowers that you buy from the illegal immigrant on the freeway off ramp but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
I was always too thin to donate when I was younger. You had to weigh 100 pound and I didn’t break 100 pounds until I was well in to my 20’s. Then when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 33 I wasn’t allowed to donate…so I guess the easy answer to this would be no.
65. Gone sky diving
YES!!!!!! And I want to go again. Who’s with me??
66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
I haven’t done that but just recently I went to the Japanese Museum in Los Angeles and I saw their Manazanar Exhibit. It really made me furious to think that the government just plucked all of the Japanese people out of their homes, schools, jobs, etc. and put them behind barbed wire fences just because of their ethnic back ground. Innocent children…families of G.I’s who were fighting on our side….just thrown into camps so the government could keep an eye on them. It just made me sick. Then I stopped and remembered after 9/11 how afraid I was of anyone who looked like they were from the middle east. That must have been how the powers that be felt back in the days of Manzanar. I’m glad more humanity was shown to the middle eastern people of America after the 9/11 tragedy.
67. Bounced a check
I bounced one small check over 30 years ago and just about died of humiliation. Then when I was in the process of divorcing my first husband he cashed a check from our joint bank account for over $100.00 at Vons. That’s a felony! I still can’t write checks there.
68. Flown in a helicopter
Not yet but I want to. Anyone have a helicopter??
69. Saved a favorite childhood toy
I have a bunch of my childhood toys. I don’t know why I insist on saving them at this point.
70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eaten caviar
Again, not if I was starving to death.
72. Pieced a quilt
I used to be the advisor of a “Key Club” and we participated in many service projects. One of the funner things was “The Binky Patrol”. This is a world wide group that makes blankets and then donates them to children that need them. Some of them are kept in the trunks of police cars, some of them are kept at homeless shelters, some of them are kept at hospitals…the Binkie Patrol believes that EVERYBODY should have a blankie. And I agree with them. Our group made several quilts and I know they were going to a wonderful place but they were still hard to relinquish.
73. Stood in Times Square
I’ve been to Times Square on several occasions. The last time I was there I was sitting on the steps of an Army Recruiting station and a kitty came out from under the steps. A news paper reporter took my picture and asked for permission to publish my photo. I said yes, but I have no idea what news paper it was for and thus never saw it. Also, in or around Times Square I was standing there, minding my own business, taking a picture…when…a…bird…shit in my purse and on my head. My fellow traveler thought this was hilarious. There wasn’t a napkin to be seen. She’s lucky I didn’t clean myself off with her sleeve.
74. Toured the Everglades
75. Been fired from a job
I have been fired twice from the same company! One of my first jobs was at a bank in down town Los Angeles. I worked in the real estate loan department. I was fired for “grossly taking advantage of (my boss) good nature”. (“Good nature”!!! HA!!!!) A couple of days after being let go they called me and asked if I would like to work in the branch. Anything was better than nothing so I went back. I can’t remember how long I lasted but it wasn’t long. It was one of my many stints in Hell.
76. Seen the changing of the guards in London
Last summer my sister and I hoofed it all the way to Buckingham Palace from our flat nice and early so we could get a good spot to watch the changing of the guard. As the minutes passed the crowd grew larger and larger. We waited and waited and there was no changing of any guard. Apparently when there is even the slightest hint of inclement weather they do not have the ceremony. The weather forecast called for a slight possibility of rain that day but we never saw a rain drop. It would have been nice if someone could have made that announcement before we all waited for over an hour.
77. Broken something extremely expensive
I wrecked my mom’s Country Squire station wagon. Does that count?
78. Been on a speeding motorcycle
Husband #1 had a motorcycle. He took me for a ride and before I got on I made him promise 2 things: that he wouldn’t go fast and that he wouldn’t go on the freeway. He did both and he’s lucky I didn’t pee his pants.
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
I have been to the Grand Canyon twice. It is much more glorious than you would ever think a big hole in the earth would be.
80. Published a book
81. Visited the Vatican
82. Got a tattoo
83. Been to a coffee shop in Amsterdam
84. Seen the aurora borealis in person
85. Read the entire Bible
86. Visited the White House
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
I could NEVER do this. This is one of the main reasons I gave up eating meat in 1974 and have never looked back.
88. Had chickenpox
Yes, and I was very pretty, as was my twin sister.
89. Saved someone’s life
When my oldest nephew was a baby he found a penny in the shag carpet and he put it in his mouth. I walked in to the room just as he was turning purple gasping for air. I swooped him up by his foot and while he was hanging upside down I slapped his back. The penny went flying across the room and he was able to breath again. I am truly thankful that I found him when I did but I am more thankful that I didn’t break his back.
90. Sat on a jury
I was a jury foreman on an attempted murder trial. It was very exciting. Our verdict: guilty. The entire jury was very smart and thoughtful….with the exception of one woman who was so dense I thought I was being punked.
91. Met someone famous
See previous post
92. Joined a book club
93. Lost a loved one
My best friend died in a car accident after leaving my house and the thinking the accident had only been a fender bender her parents called me to go pick her up at the accident site. When we got to the accident site it was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. Another story for another post.
I’ve lost all 4 of my grandparents and my dad and two beloved cats.
94. Toured the UN
95. Hiked to Machu Picchu
96. Swam in the Indian Ocean
97. Conversed with someone when neither of you spoke each others language
When I worked at the high school it was my job to enroll new students. We had people enrolled at the school from Mexico, China, Japan, Turkey, Greece and they didn’t speak a lick of English. Somehow I managed to get them enrolled and we didn’t even have to draw pictures!
98. Dirty danced
Not on purpose...but one time back in the days of disco...I was wearing a tube top underneath a sheer blouse. And I was dancing...whoo hoo...dancing machine....dancey dancin' la la...and I raised my arms up and the tube top went down. I tried to be as discreet as possible and then I thought DISCREET? I'm half naked I just blatantly pulled it up and thanked God that YouTube hadn't been invented yet.
99. Been stung by a bee
The first time I was stung by a bee was on the road traveling with a drum and bugle corps. We were in Pennsylvania and I was standing out in an open field at a high school watching the drum corps rehearse. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain and I thought I had been shot with a bb gun. In. My. Butt. I grabbed my butt and went running to the cafeteria where the rest of our group was and told one of the mothers my story. I was relieved to know that I had only been stung by a bee and not shot with a gun. The mother poured vinegar on it and the pain instantly went away. Remember that…it could come in handy some day.
100. Acted in a play.
My latest foray in to play acting was in 2005. I was working at the high school and they had a few parts for adults in the spring musical. I was cast at Lulu Warniker in “Footloose”. Lulu is the aunt of the main character. She doesn’t even have any lines in the moves! I had 6 lines and you could almost hear me in the front row! I never got that Tony nod I was promised….


Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrity List touch up...

I don't usually post the same thing twice but I wanted to add some more people and include brief comments about my sightings....

Al Jarreau (Sat next to him at a restaurant in Westwood.)
Angelyne (At a restaurant in Hollywood)(Picture Estelle Ghetty with botox and spandex!)
Anson Williams VERY NICE GUY. (Spent the summer with him in Hawaii, he was directing Baywatch and my bro in law was the 1st AD.)
Anthony Edwards VERY NICE GUY (On the ER set)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (At the Jay Leno show)
Bean Baxter (Local celeb from KROQ morning show) (At a VIP party during a concert)
Bill Mahr (At a Jackson Browne listening party)
Bill Smitrovitch (On the Live Goes On set)
Billy Barty (At the Billy Barty Show)
Bob Colburn (Iconic DJ at KLOS radio station and host of “Rock Line) (At an interview)
Bobby Sherman (He attended my 10 year high school reunion!)
Brian May (guitarist of “Queen”) (Saw him at a Kiss concert in the audience)
Catherine Bach VERY DRUNK (Stepped on my date’s toe at a Prince concert)
Cee-Lo (Lead singer for “Gnarles Barkley”) (Saw him leaving the venue of a KROQ concert)
Chad Lowe VERY NICE GUY (On the Life Goes On set)
Charlie Brumbly (On the Baywatch set)
Chastity Bono (At the Sonny & Cher show)
Chris Burke (On the Life Goes On set)
Corbin Bernsen (On the Baywatch Set)
Daisy Fuentes SELF IMPORTANT BEAST (On the Baywatch Set)
David Hasselhoff (On the Baywatch Set)
David Lee Roth WOULDN't GIVE ME HIS AUTOGRAPH (In a 7-11 on Sunset Blvd.)
David Letterman (At a filming of Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert)
David Naughton JERK (“An American Werewolf in London”) (At a benefit concert)
Denzel Washington (At the Jay Leno Show)
Dr. Drew VERY NICE GUY (Celebrity Rehab) (At a KROQ concert)
Efren Ramirez (“Pedro” in “Napoleon Dynamite”) (At a KROQ concert)
Ellen DeGeneres (At her show)
Elton John (Ran in to him leaving the Jay Leno Show)
Eriq LaSalle (On the ER set)
Fred Savage (At the Pasadena Play House)
George Clooney VERY NICE GUY (On the set of ER)
Gloria Reuben (On the set of ER)
Gov. Jerry Brown (At a No Nukes reception)
Ike Turner (At a bar in Hollywood)
Jack LaLanne (At a Fashion Show)
Jack Sherman (Red Hot Chili Peppers) (I know his sister and I met him in his dressing room.)
Jackson Browne NICEST GUY EVER! (In the line for the bathroom at a listening party)
Jacques Cousteau (At a No Nukes reception)
Jason Brooks (On the Baywatch set)
Jason Mamoa NICE, NICE GUY. (On the Baywatch set)
Jay Leno (At his show)
Jeff Conaway (At Bono’s restaurant)
Jessica Lang (Arriving at the Shrine Auditorium to see Baryshnikov dance)
Jewel (At the Jay Leno show)
Jim Belushi TRIED TO GET ME TO JOIN HIM IN HIS WINNEBAGO DRESSING ROOM IN THE EARLY 80's.(On the street when he was filming a movie)
Joe Perry (At an interview)
Joe Walsh (At a benefit concert, in the audience)
John Ritter (At a restaurant in Westwood)
Jose Eber’ (At the Dream Maker show)
Juilana Marguiles SELF IMPORTANT (On the ER Set)
Kabir Bedhi (Bollywood actor) (At the Mike Douglas Show)
Kate Jackson MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU'D IMAGINE (In the elevator of the 1 Wilshire Bldg.)
Kelly Martin (On the Live Goes on set and at the Pasadena Play house.)
Laura Diaz LESS THAN 5 FEET TALL. (Newcaster on ABC channel 7 in Los Angeles) (Interviewed a student at the school where I used to work.)
Loretta Swit (At the Farmers Market)
Luther Vandross (At a bar in Hollywood)
Marty Allen (In the elevator in Century City)
Michael Anthony (At a girl friend’s house and again at a music store in HB)
Michael Bergin (On the Baywatch set)
Michael Newman (On the Baywatch set)
Mick Mars VERY GENTLE HUMAN BEING (At a convention)
Nigel Olsen (In a bar in Hollywood)
Nikki Sixx (At a convention)
Noah Wiley (On the ER set)
Paul Stanley (At a convention)
Patti LuPone (On the Life Goes On set)
Psycho Mike (Local celeb from KROQ morning show)
REO Speedwagon: Gary Ritchrath & Alan Gratzer (At the bank)
Richard Simmons VERY NICE AND FUN PERSON(at his show)
Rockin’ Fig (Local radio celebrity) (At the beach)
Rod Stewart (On Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills)
Ronald & Russell Mael (“Sparks”) (At the Farmers market)
Ronnie Vanucci (Drummer for “The Killers”) (Walking in to the KROQ show)
Scott Weiland (Lead singer of “Stone Temple Pilots” & “Velvet Revolver”) (At an interview)
Sharon Lawrence (At a premiere party)
Sheila E. (At a convention)
Sherry Stringfield (On the ER set)
Sonny & Cher (At their TV show)
Stacy Kamona (On the Baywatch set)
Steven Tyler REMIND ME TO TELL YOU MY STORY ABOUT HIM.(At an interview)
Stryker (Local celeb from KROQ morning show and one time Ellen DeGeneres DJ) (At a KROQ concert)
Susan Blakely (70’s super model) (In the audience of the Stephen Bishop concert)
Susie Coelho (Actress/model, Sonny Bono’s 3rd wife) (At Bono’s restaurant)
Suzanne Somers (At the Ellen Show)
Ted Lange (Walking down the streets of Westwood)
The Cars (In a hotel lobby)
Tim Mc Graw (At the Jay Leno Show)
Timothy B. Schmidt (At an Aerosmith concert)
Todd Rundgren HUGGED ME! (In the bar at the House of Blues)
Tom Arnold NICE GUY (On the Baywatch Set)
Tom Delonge NICE GUY. (Lead singer for “Angels & Airwaves” & “Blink 182”) (Walking in to the KROQ show)
Tom Sholz (At a convention)
Tommy Lasorda (At the high school where I used to work, scouting Chuckie Tiffany)
Tony Danza (At Bono’s Restaurant)
Trudy Styler (Sting's wife) (At a benefit concert, in the audience)
Vasili Bazianos (“Benny Sago” on “All My Children”) (At the Pasadena Play House)
Wendy Jo Sperber (The older sister on “Back to the Future) (At the Pasadena Play House)
Ralph Garman (Local celeb from KROQ morning show, he is also a voice character on Family Guy.) (At a VIP party during a KROQ concert.)
Don Steele (Iconic DJ from KRLA) (At the filming of the original “Death Race 2000)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taking care of old business

I didn't post anything in December because I was si-i-i-i-i-i-ck. I had some un-named virus that knocked my socks off. I missed many days of work and I sounded so bad that my boss actually came to my house to make sure I wasn't on death's door step. I went to the doctor 3 times and each time they said that it was a virus and that they couldn't do anything about it other than to treat the symptoms. So I spent a huge amount of December laying on my couch. I was sick for Christmas and I was sick at New Years. While everyone else was toasting in the New Year with champagne I was toasting with Delsym. Mazeltov!

Anyway...I have a few things that I wanted to write about really quickly.

#1. I read a very funny blog that is written by Craig M. (
A while back he asked his readers to draw a self portrait using a template that he had created. (If you would like to see the pictures go here: (if you visit...let him know I sent you!) Anyway...after I had so much fun with the template I sent it to my family and asked them to make me a Christmas card. I was going to make that my Christmas post but then I was too sick to write anything on Christmas so that went down the tubes. However I wanted to share my Christmas card with you:

In case you can't tell...this is a rendering of Ashleigh flying in to the Christmas tree. I haven't had a tree since she was a kitten, but this is a pretty good explanation as to why I don't have them anymore.

#2. Several posts ago I wrote about the debacle that was my first and last product review. When I wrote the review I wasn't able to post pictures to my page. So without further's a picture of the faboo Pinhole Glasses:

#3. One of my ongoing series in this blog is a little ditty I like to call "Free Paint". I am always in awe of houses that I see that are painted odd colors. When I see them I can only think of one reason why anyone would paint their house this color...and that would be...Free Paint! This house, as most of the houses in this series, is in the neighborhood where I grew up. Salutations from La Puente, Ca...

#4. On my to work I saw this license plate. I know what they were trying to say but I think they missed the mark:

I'm sorry but I see "Sweat Pee". Am I the only one?


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brushes with greatness

It seems like I've been spending a lot of time at The Jason Show ( but who can blame me? He always has something fun going on and I enjoy his company. Last weekend he told the story of how he went to a concert and saw Bette Midler sitting in the audience and then asked what celebrity sightings we in blogland have had. I started to write up a comment but my list got so big that I thought that I should just make it a post on my own blog instead of taking up so much space on his comment section. So my list is below. I'm sure that it could be longer if I put more thought in to it, this is just off the top of my head. I have been very blessed to live in Southern California all of my life and especially to have lived in Hollywood/Beverly Hills and to have a relative in the biz.

I tried to identify some of the more obscure celebrities, but if you don't recognize them or if you want to know where I saw them just ask in the comments and I'll fill you in. Please note that none of these sightings are from events I paid to attend. (Well, some of them were people I saw at events I paid to attend but I saw them in the audience...they weren't who I paid to see.) That list would be twice as long!

Al Jarreau
Anson Williams
Anthony Edwards
Arnold Swartzeneger
Bill Smitrovitch
Billy Barty
Bobby Sherman (He attended my 10 year high school reunion!)
Brian May (guitarist of “Queen”)
Catherine Bach
Cee-Lo (Lead singer for “Gnarles Barkley”)
Chad Lowe
Charlie Brumbly
Chastity Bono
Chris Burke
Corbin Bernsen
Daisy Fuentes
David Hasselhoff
David Lee Roth
David Letterman
Denzel Washington
Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab)
Efren Ramirez(“Pedro” in “Napoleon Dynamite”)
Ellen DeGeneres
Elton John
Eriq LaSalle
Fred Savage
George Clooney
Gloria Reuben
Gov. Jerry Brown
Ike Turner
Jackson Browne
Jacques Cousteau
Jason Brooks
Jason Mamoa
Jay Leno
Jeff Conaway
Jessica Lang
Jim Belushi
Joe Perry
Joe Walsh
John Ritter
Jose Eber’
Juilana Marguiles
Kabir Bedhi (Bollywood actor)
Kate Jackson
Kelly Martin
Loretta Swit
Luther Vandross
Marty Allen
Michael Anthony
Micheal Bergin
Micheal Newman
Nigel Olsen
Noah Wiley
Patti LuPone
REO Speedwagon: Gary Ritchrath & Alan Gratzer
Richard Simmons
Rod Stewart
Ronald & Russell Mael (“Sparks”)
Ronnie Vanucci (Drummer for “The Killers”)
Sharon Lawrence
Sherry Stringfield
Sonny & Cher
Stacy Kamona
Steven Tyler
Susan Blakely(70’s super model)
Susie Coelho (Actress/model, Sonny Bono’s 3rd wife)
Ted Lange
The Cars
Tim Mc Graw
Timothy B. Schmidt
Todd Rundgren
Tom Arnold
Tom Delonge (Lead singer for “Angels & Airwaves” & “Blink 182”)
Tommy Lasorda
Tony Danza
Trudy Styler ((Sting's wife)
Vasili Bazianos (“Benny Sago” on “All My Children”)
Wendy Jo Sperber (The older sister on “Back to the Future”)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Score card...for anyone who is new and needs to catch up...

Thanks to the fabulous Jason,, I have a handful of new people looking at my blog. I would do pretty much anything to get them to stick around and continue to read my posts and I figured that it might make it easier on them if I made a cheat sheet so they would know who everyone is.

My story is pretty much on the intro on my page. I'm 48 years old, live in a little mobile home across the street from the ocean with my 5 cats. I'm a two time breast cancer survivor, a daughter, a twin sister, an aunt and a step mother. I love music of most genres and I like to read. I've been known to take some nice pictures, create a few scrap books and crochet a few blankets. I've been married twice and divorced twice. I'm dating the international man of mystery and he has turned me in to a wine snob. I've been to Europe 3 times in the last 2 years and I can't wait to go back. I'm short, I color my hair, and I'm on a never ending quest for the perfect chocolate martini. I like to play board games, go to concerts and hang out with my family. I've been known to dance in the grocery store just to entertain my nieces and I sing loudly in the car.

I have written about my twin sister, Tori. She has 5 kids and lives off in the desert with tumbleweeds and rattle snakes. She, too, is a breast cancer survivor. She makes me laugh more than anyone I've ever known and sometimes she doesn't even have to use her words to make it happen.

My sister's children:

Andrew: 25 years old. Used to live with me until he trashed my house and let all of my cats out during my last trip to Europe.

Paul: 22 years old. Diagnosed as "mildy mentally retarded with slight Autistic tendencies and extreme ADHD". Goes to work bright and early every day and loves to get his big $10.00 paycheck at the end of the week. (He's paid by the unit and he has a hard time staying on task.) He's about 6 feet tall and quite the handsome lad. He can't tie his shoes but he can kick your ass at just about any video game.

Rebekah: 16 years old, head JV cheerleader. Just got her belly button pierced. Wears a size 0 and doesn't seem to believe me when I told her that I wore a size 0 when I was her age and that she'd better appreciate it now because one day she's going to wake up and she'll be wearing a size 10 just like me and her mom!

Hannah: 12 years old, one of 3 7th graders on the Jr. high dance team. Received the principals award last week. (She's gotten it every year since she started school!) She is smart and sensitive.

Jake: 5 years old. A running ball of energy. He just started pre school and he couldn't be any cuter.

My daughter Amanda: When I married my first husband he came equipped with 2 little girls. Even though I treated them exactly the same from the moment I met of them liked me and the other one didn't. Amanda came to live with us just a couple of days after my first cancer diagnosis. What I thought was going to be the biggest mistake ever turned out to be my biggest blessing. When I packed my bags to leave her father she packed hers, too. She is the sum total of my divorce settlement and I really couldn't ask for anything more. She is now happily married to Mike, gainfully employed and currently looking to buy a house. She suffers from bouts of "acute infectious colitis" and winds up in the hospital about once a year. The last time she was in the hospital she was in intensive care and had to have 5 transfusions. That was almost 7 months ago and we are hoping that she's seen the last of the inside of the hospital for a very long time.

My mom: My mom still lives in the house she and my dad bought in 1957. She doesn't take well to change. The neighborhood is less than stellar but apparently she likes it. She retired a couple of years ago and is enjoying doing her Red Hat things and playing card with her friends from high school. She and I go out to eat and to the movies and shopping all the time. We also take weekend trips together and we have a ball. Our next scheduled trip is a "turn-around" trip on a bus to Laughlin.

The International Man of Mystery or IMOM: I have been dating IMOM for 3 years. It will be 4 years in March. I have known him for just about 30 years and we dated before as very young adults. His work sends him to Europe so often that he keeps an apartment over there. He treats me like a princess and that's the way I like it, uh huh, uh huh. He has asked me not to write about him and I asked him to compromise...if I don't mention his name or show his picture ...would that be ok? Well, so far, so good.

My 5 Cats:
Lorenzo: 3 years old, deaf, big white boy. VERY talkative. Dave is his alter ego. (When he has gravy on his face he thinks he looks just like Dave Navarro of Alice In Chains fame.)

Ashleigh: 3 years old, petite, grey girl. Sister/wife to Lorenzo. Lorenzo adores her and falls apart at the seems when she gets out. She pretty much couldn't care less about Lorenzo. She is a lone wolf. She has ruined every screen in my house by clawing her way through them. She is now working on an escape route through the ceiling.

Elijah: 2 years old, small white boy. Elijah was born in the heat of the summer when Ashleigh was suffering from a major flea problem. I couldnt' use anything on the fleas so sadly enough Elijah had fleas, too. He got very sick as an infant and spent a few days in the hospital with "flea anemia". He lived through it but has remained very timid and baby like. He is a very sweet boy but Lorenzo picks on him relentlessly.

Mathilde: 8 months old, small white girl. She is very quiet and I've never seen her do anything naughty.

Nort: 8 months old, fat grey girl. Always doing something naughty. She gets away with murder because I almost lost her last summer. In a freak accident...Andrew bent down and picked up Nort and another kitty. The other kitty kicked up such a fuss that it made Andrew trip and on his way down Nort hit the edge of an end table. She was a very, very sick little girl for about 10 days. I thought we were going to lose her but she rallied. She has a little bit of a neurological problem that causes her to wobble when she walks but that hasn't slowed her down at all.

I think that is my entire cast of characters. If you have any questions...please let me know and I'll answer anything that I can.

Thanks for stopping by.....

It's very sleepy in here.....

Mathilde is taking a much needed rest in the bay window. She was so tired she couldn't clear the boxed scratcher. She had to lay on the lid.

This is as about as tired as Nort gets. She doesn't usually sit still for longer than two minutes and there is usually a cat nip toy underneath her. (Nort Report: Nort has discovered how to kick ass and take names. If it is her idea to cuddle up with me or one of the other kitties then...fine. But if it isn't her idea then you'd better be wearing your suit of armor because you are going to get a growl and a swat and a hiss.)

Lorenzo is simply exhausted. He and the girls had a very busy day. I wish I had a picture of him wearing his hard hat.

And Ashleigh is probably the most fatigued of them all. What, with supervising such a huge undertaking can anyone blame her? A decorator's work is never done!

The escape hatch is almost finished! Now if they didn't have to do all of this work while dangling from a curtain it would probably go much quicker. (In case you can't tell what this is a destroyed ceiling tile in the "pop-out" portion of my mobile home. Ashleigh and the kittens climbed up the curtains and clawed, chewed and did what ever they could to destroy it.) Ashleigh has an unquenchable need to be outside and when she can't escape through the front door or through a screened in window she has to take drastic measures. Sadly for her...there is no way out through the ceiling so all of this work was for naught.


Monday, January 12, 2009

The Jason Show Interview

For the last year I have been reading a blog by a wonderful man named Jason. He is smart and funny and good looking and one of these days I hope to get to meet him. He's one of the few bloggers I follow who actually lives in southern California. A couple of days ago he created this very fun project:

Jason Interviews the Blogosphere
Welcome to Jason Interviews the Blogosphere, where Jason interviews you with questions that other bloggers like you wrote! Each blogger who has volunteered to be interviewed has been matched up with questions written by other Jason Show readers.

Here is my Jason Interview:

1. What is your ultimate fantasy?

I come home from work and discover that my house key won’t unlock my front door. As I stand there thinking…”WTF”… a town car pulls up and the driver gets out and tells me that this home is not up to my standards and that my new home is now down the street. I get in the town car and we drive down Pacific Coast Highway. The driver pulls in to one of the 3 story homes that has direct ocean views out of every window. “This is your new home”, he says. “I can’t afford this, I can’t live here…” I say. The driver then tells me “This house is bought and paid for. It’s a new program send down from Heaven. Everyone who has survived the ravages of a life threatening disease gets to live the rest of their long, healthy life in the lap of luxury. This is your home.” I walk inside and all of my kitties are all ready there. They are all sweet tempered and delighted to see me. Ashleigh doesn’t dart for the opened door and Nort doesn’t wobble when she walks. They have all been trained to use the toilet and their favorite thing in the world is to have their nails clipped. The house is fully furnished with furniture that deflects cat fur.

As I walk through the house in awe I am delighted to see my reflection in the mirror. I am now much taller and I have legs for days! “OMG! Look at my legs!” I scream. My next thought is to look at my chest. “TWO BOOBS!! I have TWO boobs and they’re magnificent!” I’m so happy I start to twirl. As I spin I’m shocked to see my former husband, (Husband #2). “What are you doing in my fantasy house!!!???” I ask him. “As penance for throwing you under the bus in 2005, uhm, my job for the rest of my life is to clean your toilets, but I’m not allowed to talk to you.”, he says as he quickly disappeared.

I walk further down the hall and see a door with a sign that says “Music Room”. I open the door to peek inside and I see Jackson Browne sitting on a stool plucking at a guitar.” “Oh, hi.” he says. “I’m just working on the phrasing of a new song that Todd and I wrote about you. When he gets back, we’ll sing it for you, ok?” “Todd?” I say. “Yeah”, says Jackson. “Todd Rundgren. We live here with you and we will sing and play for you when ever you want. We will also have our friends come over and sing for you, too. You are our new best friend and we will teach you how to sing with us. Steven Tyler will be here in a while so you’d better rest up!”

My bedroom is upstairs. It has a picture window with a panoramic view of the ocean. There is a big beautiful bed full of pillows and comforters. There is a fire place off to the side. I open the door to a walk in closet full of clothes that all sort, wash, dry, iron and put their selves away. And the shoes! Oh the shoes! Glorious designer shoes, comfy fluffy slippers, fun tennis shoes and stilettos of every color known to the rainbow…and none of them make my feet hurt! There are purses to match every shoe and sunglasses to match every purse. Towards the back of the closet I see that all of the pants have elastic panels across the front and the shirts are all blousy. Maternity clothes, I wonder?

“Dinner is ready”, I hear from the kitchen. I walk toward the kitchen and I meet my new chef who will forever more do all of the food shopping, cooking and washing of dishes. I ask my chef if she knows why there are maternity clothes in the closet. She smiles as she tells me that my infertility problems are no longer an issue and that even though I’m 48 years old I have been granted the ability and energy and health to finally give birth to my very own child.

My head is spinning at this point so I go in to the dining room and sit at the lavishly set table so that I can eat dinner. I hear the door bell off in the distance and then I hear the door open and close. I hear the cook say something about “the man of her dreams”…and then he walks in to the dining room, bends down to give me a kiss and says, “Honey…I’m home.” I’m stunned as I say, “Welcome home, my Keanu. Welcome home.”

2. What is your ultimate nightmare?
Having an earthquake while I'm sitting in the doctors office being told that the cancer has come back, having an anxiety attack, with snakes everywhere and then finding out that it is true that no one reads my blog.

3. Which do you prefer, spiders or snakes?
I would rather be in a vat of spiders than to be in the same general vicinity of even a tiny little baby snake.

4. Where is your favorite travel destination?
I love Haliewa, Hawaii more than any person should love a destination. It is the most peaceful, tranquil, beautiful place I have ever been. I want to marry Haliewa.

5. Who is the most famous person you know personally?
Years ago I spent a summer in Hawaii with my sister’s family when her husband was shooting the television show, “Baywatch Hawaii”. Anson Williams, “Potsie” of “Happy Days” fame was the director. We were at the set every day and we all got to know Anson pretty well. I feel fairly confident that he would know who I was if we ran in to each other, but we do not keep in touch.

6. BONUS QUESTION: Would you rather only be able to eat super spicy foods or super bitter?
What kind of honorary Mexican would I be if I couldn’t eat super spicy foods? I live on spicy Mexican food.


Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm being hounded by idiots

Please note that I didn't alter their verbiage or spacing in any way.

From: J P
Subject: Correction On Pinhole Glasses Review
Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 3:54 AM

You wrote an incorrect review for our product Pinhole
Glasses.We need you to make the corrections necessary.You inserted the keywords
and the links but you did not anchor the links with the keywords.It's useless
just to have keywords with no link.So please make sure that the keywords
are hyperlinked to our site url.Please send me an email when this is done.

From: Tami Wyatt
Subject: Re: Correction On Pinhole Glasses Review
Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 4:46 PM

If you would like to explain to me how to do that I will gladly go back and make this correction.

Now perhaps you would like to go to your website and correct the spelling and grammatical errors.

From: JP
Re: Correction On Pinhole Glasses Review
Date: Friday, January 9, 2009 8:00 AM

Just hyperlink the keywords and make them go to our site URL.

From: Tami
Re: Correction on Pinhole Glasses Review

I don't know how to create hyperlinks. If you would like to tell me how to do this I will do it....or do you just like to boss people around?


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My first, and probably my last product review/Where's my red pen?

Several months ago I received an email from asking me if I wanted to review their product and write about it on my blog. I was so excited that someone other than my usual 5 people were reading my blog that I immediately wrote back and said, “YES! I would love to review your product and write about it on my blog!!” They wrote back and told me that in a couple of days I would receive their product: Pinhole Glasses. I was to review the Pinhole Glasses and I could either opt to get paid a very, very small amount of money or I could keep the Pinhole Glasses. I chose to keep the Pinhole Glasses and then I waited anxiously to receive them in the mail.

A couple of days later a box showed up on my front porch. YAY! It was my Pinhole Glasses!! The box was much bigger than a shoe box but when I picked it up I was surprised to see that it was as light as a feather. (Apparently this company isn't very ecologically green. This was one of the worst examples I've ever seen of over packaging.) Inside the box was a bunch of tissue paper and one lone pair of the ugliest glasses I have ever seen. (I have tried many different ways to put pictures of the Pinhole Glasses in this post but Blogspot in it's infinite wisdom will not let me.

They were clear acrylic frames, old school Ray Ban style, with black leather? plastic? vinyl? glued over the lenses. After taking a closer look I realized that there were teeny tiny pin holes in the black stuff. I put them on and pretty much couldn’t see anything. My living room is lit as well as any other living room in California so I figured that maybe they were supposed to be used in very bright light so I took the Pinhole Glasses off and then went to the website so that I could find out the exact purpose of these goofy looking glasses.

According to the website these Pinhole Glasses are supposed to correct pretty much any optical problem you might have. They use too many words to explain why/how this pinhole system works... I got bored trying to follow the explanation so I just skimmed through the site. All I could think was that it wouldn’t matter to me if these glasses had x-ray vision…they were hideously ugly and I pretty much wouldn't be caught dead wearing them. (However I have been swayed to the dark side before…overlooking attractiveness for comfort… I have 5 pairs of Croc’s. Yes they are the ugliest shoes ever invented but I love, love, love their squishy comfort and their bright silly colors!)

The next morning I thought that I would use try out the Pinhole Glasses on my sunny commute to work. I put them on while I was in my car port and I was not even off of my street before I took them off. I couldn’t see anything out of them. The dots were distracting me and I kept thinking that I had something sneaking up in my peripheral vision. I tried them again as I got in to brighter light but I had the very same experience. I was beginning to think that I was being ‘Punked’ but I looked around my car and I didn’t see Ashton Kutcher anywhere. ( Don’t you hate when that happens?

After I got home I went back to the website to read more about the Pinhole Glasses and on the FAQ page I noticed something My instructions for this review said that I must use all original and unique contents and that I am not supposed to re-use their textual content. Whew! That’s a relief because how stupid would I look if I were the one who had a real live official web site that sold glasses and I advised the readers not to ‘where’ my product while driving a car.

In conclusion…Pinhole Glasses are dorky, unattractive, ridiculously cheap looking glasses that I couldn’t see out of in the normal lighting of my house or in the bright sunlight of the day. Their website is fraught with spelling and grammatical errors and that alone would be enough for me to spread the word that I think this is a fly by night company and that you should stay away from them at all cost.

And...just in case anyone thinks I blindsided this company with my bad review of their product I would like to let you know that I warned them before I wrote the review:

Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008, 10:49 AM

A "
Pinhole glasses" sample was sent to you at the address provided by you on 7th October 2008for the review of the website -
Reviews must be written in 1 week after receiving the product. Yours has been pending for 2 months.Please send us the link to the review so that we can approve it.

Original Message-From: "Tami"
Sent: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 6:31pm
To: confirm@seoblogreviews.comSubject: Re: Review of site

I am in a quandary about writing a review for your product. I thought they were hideously unattractive and difficult to see through so any review I wrote wouldn't have been nice. In a case like this would you prefer that I write a poor review or not write one at all?

Please advise.

From: XX
Subject: Re: Review of site
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 11:18 PM

Hello,It doesn't matter if you don't like the product. We want to know your thoughts about the product and we accept it even if it's a negative review.Looking forward to read your views