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My first, and probably my last product review/Where's my red pen?

Several months ago I received an email from asking me if I wanted to review their product and write about it on my blog. I was so excited that someone other than my usual 5 people were reading my blog that I immediately wrote back and said, “YES! I would love to review your product and write about it on my blog!!” They wrote back and told me that in a couple of days I would receive their product: Pinhole Glasses. I was to review the Pinhole Glasses and I could either opt to get paid a very, very small amount of money or I could keep the Pinhole Glasses. I chose to keep the Pinhole Glasses and then I waited anxiously to receive them in the mail.

A couple of days later a box showed up on my front porch. YAY! It was my Pinhole Glasses!! The box was much bigger than a shoe box but when I picked it up I was surprised to see that it was as light as a feather. (Apparently this company isn't very ecologically green. This was one of the worst examples I've ever seen of over packaging.) Inside the box was a bunch of tissue paper and one lone pair of the ugliest glasses I have ever seen. (I have tried many different ways to put pictures of the Pinhole Glasses in this post but Blogspot in it's infinite wisdom will not let me.

They were clear acrylic frames, old school Ray Ban style, with black leather? plastic? vinyl? glued over the lenses. After taking a closer look I realized that there were teeny tiny pin holes in the black stuff. I put them on and pretty much couldn’t see anything. My living room is lit as well as any other living room in California so I figured that maybe they were supposed to be used in very bright light so I took the Pinhole Glasses off and then went to the website so that I could find out the exact purpose of these goofy looking glasses.

According to the website these Pinhole Glasses are supposed to correct pretty much any optical problem you might have. They use too many words to explain why/how this pinhole system works... I got bored trying to follow the explanation so I just skimmed through the site. All I could think was that it wouldn’t matter to me if these glasses had x-ray vision…they were hideously ugly and I pretty much wouldn't be caught dead wearing them. (However I have been swayed to the dark side before…overlooking attractiveness for comfort… I have 5 pairs of Croc’s. Yes they are the ugliest shoes ever invented but I love, love, love their squishy comfort and their bright silly colors!)

The next morning I thought that I would use try out the Pinhole Glasses on my sunny commute to work. I put them on while I was in my car port and I was not even off of my street before I took them off. I couldn’t see anything out of them. The dots were distracting me and I kept thinking that I had something sneaking up in my peripheral vision. I tried them again as I got in to brighter light but I had the very same experience. I was beginning to think that I was being ‘Punked’ but I looked around my car and I didn’t see Ashton Kutcher anywhere. ( Don’t you hate when that happens?

After I got home I went back to the website to read more about the Pinhole Glasses and on the FAQ page I noticed something My instructions for this review said that I must use all original and unique contents and that I am not supposed to re-use their textual content. Whew! That’s a relief because how stupid would I look if I were the one who had a real live official web site that sold glasses and I advised the readers not to ‘where’ my product while driving a car.

In conclusion…Pinhole Glasses are dorky, unattractive, ridiculously cheap looking glasses that I couldn’t see out of in the normal lighting of my house or in the bright sunlight of the day. Their website is fraught with spelling and grammatical errors and that alone would be enough for me to spread the word that I think this is a fly by night company and that you should stay away from them at all cost.

And...just in case anyone thinks I blindsided this company with my bad review of their product I would like to let you know that I warned them before I wrote the review:

Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008, 10:49 AM

A "
Pinhole glasses" sample was sent to you at the address provided by you on 7th October 2008for the review of the website -
Reviews must be written in 1 week after receiving the product. Yours has been pending for 2 months.Please send us the link to the review so that we can approve it.

Original Message-From: "Tami"
Sent: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 6:31pm
To: confirm@seoblogreviews.comSubject: Re: Review of site

I am in a quandary about writing a review for your product. I thought they were hideously unattractive and difficult to see through so any review I wrote wouldn't have been nice. In a case like this would you prefer that I write a poor review or not write one at all?

Please advise.

From: XX
Subject: Re: Review of site
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 11:18 PM

Hello,It doesn't matter if you don't like the product. We want to know your thoughts about the product and we accept it even if it's a negative review.Looking forward to read your views



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I love this post.

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You have 5 pairs of crocs?

We must know colors and styles :)

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