Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow! If I could only live up to this....

I received another "10 Truths About Tami" from a very dear girl friend of mine. I am, once again, stunned to read the nice things people have to say about me. I hope my readers aren't getting bored with this...but honestly...I could read this all day!

So from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Miss Archer for putting in her .02.

1. Tami is incredibly efficient and intelligent at whatever job she does
2. Tami put up with numerous random craziness phone calls from me
when we worked together.
3. Tami inspires others who are stuck with cancer (It really does
SUCK!) to persevere and move forward.
4. She loves other people's cats (especially my little sick dude).
5. She is a talented writer (I keep telling her to WRITE that BOOK!)
6. She has an amazing music collection and can put together AWESOME mix CDs!
7. She is super funny and if you read through the archives of this
very funny blog, you, too will have the pleasure of discovering that.
8. Can we talk pretty nails?
9. She can keep a secret...when I was TOTALLY lying about being out
of school to have in vitro fertilization treatments, she knew I was
lying about having toe surgery but she never said anything :)
10. And how about that really ginormous, compassionate heart?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Another brief post from a guest poster....

Well, I'm starting to feel like I have a real life fan club. How nice that the two charter members are my sister and my mother. She wrote a 10 Truths About Tami and it's enough to make me blush. After I read this I told her that she makes me sound so nice that, heck, if I just met me...I'd be friends with me!

10 - A true friend forever
9 - Sleep is a wonderful thing
8 - Gentle and easy
7 - If it bothers you - then you fix it
6 - Animals - domesticated or wild - either will do
5 - Quick wit and conversation
4 - Lets try it!
3 - My camera and everything else is in my purse
2 - Wanta be groupie for several singers
1 - Loving, caring, concerned

Now, if my chiropractor reads #3 I'm going to be in big trouble!

Thanks, Mother. I appreciate the time it took for you to make this list, now I just have to live up to it.

I want everyone to know that I'm trying to wean myself from getting so much sleep. I keep thinking that eventually I will just not be able to sleep but that hasn't happened yet. I'm now trying to stay up when I get up to feed the cats at 6:00 AM, and then I do what I can to keep myself occupied so that I don't take naps during the day. The rainy weather is not helping because my bedroom is the only room in the house that is not affected by the horrendous sound of the rain hitting my roof in my living room. I don't have any insulation in my ceiling in the living room and you just wouldn't believe how loud it is when rain hits the roof.

Next week I'm hoping to have the energy to have a repair man come over and replace my front steps and possibly install insulation in my ceiling. If I get on a roll I might even have the gas company come out and look at my stove and see if they can tell my why my pilot light won't stay lit. It will be a whole new world!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

A brief post from a guest poster...

Before I got sick I was given a blog award from one of my new readers. It truly made my day but I got sick before I could post anything about it on my blog. I'm sorry to say that all of the information regarding the award is on my computer at work and since I'm on an official leave of absence I am not allowed to access my computer.

Upon receiving the award I immediately told my sister and she got all kinds of happy and helped me with one of the stipulations for winning the award.The stipulation was that you had to tell 10 truths about yourself. Without even asking her to do it, Tori wrote 10 Truths about me and here they are:

10. She will never tell you no ( unless its about meat!)
9. House keeping dilutes her joy.
8. She has a bazillion pairs of socks.
7. One day, she will marry Jackson Browne, oh yes, she will.
6. If she has money, you have money!
5. As a child, her body did not know how to sleep.
4. In high school her pants size was double zero.
3. She has an amazing memory for useless facts.
2. If you want to make her cry, just show her a picture of a snake.
1. She needs the dog whisperer to change species and teach her cats that Tami is the Alpha being.

Thank you dear sister for coming to my rescue without even knowing that I was going to need you.

If anyone else would like to write a list of 10 nice things about me go right ahead. I'll publish your list, too. (please send it to

And now, I'm off to get 17 more hours of sleep.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Everything old is new again...

I have been sick off and on since October. High fever, head ache, body ache... I've been exhausted to the point of sleeping in my car during my lunch hour and if I didn't have plans to do something after work I would just go home and melt in to the couch. I've been to a few different doctors and have been told the exact same thing each and every time, "It's a virus. There is nothing we can do for you. Go home, get plenty of rest and fluids."

I'm leaving out a huge dramatic middle to this story and I will probably write about it later but after 5 months of illness I finally got a diagnosis this morning. I have mono. I had it when I was 18 and it has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. My friends and family and I are actually relieved to have a diagnosis. I have been so insanely ill that we all privately thought that it was something much worse. (as a two time cancer survivor I can hardly get a hang nail without fearing that the cancer has returned.)

There have been no progress made in the treatment of mono in the last 30 years so unfortunately there is no magic bullet. I'm off of work for the next month and I am pretty sure that that is going to drive me nuts. My employer has been very sympathetic and that is very comforting. I hope they remain as sympathetic in the weeks to come.

So I'm off to take another nap and drink more fluids. As my energy level rises I'll be back. I've just recently gotten a few new readers and this seems like the perfect way to lose them. Hang in there with me and the martini's are on me when I'm feeling better.