Friday, May 16, 2008


Hi. Lorenzo here. A few things have been going on in the house lately and mom's been pretty busy and she's let this blog go to the way side. So I figured she wouldn't mind if I did a post for her.

So where to start...where to start? Ok. First off. I. Am. So. Pretty. I like the way the gravy stains on my nose look like scars. It makes me look so macho and rugged. And also on the plus side if I lick my nose it tastes like beef gravy! (Mom bought 2 cases of the beef gravy food but I don't think I like it any more. I'm getting a huge kick out of leaving it in the bowl and then watching it congeal.)

A few weeks ago I found something very curious in a box that was very clearly marked, "NOODLES". You can plainly see that what is in the box is not noodles. Not even close.

I have 5 more babies! 3 white ones, a grey one, and a silver one. Those pictures were from a while back...let me show you some that are more current:

Those are from about a week ago. Let me show you some from last night:

I have quite the handsome family. They are currently learning how to eat and drink out of a bowl. There is always at least one of them running around with wet feet from the water they've spilled out of out water bowl. They try to eat our food and we try to eat their food. Mom won't let us trade but we just don't get it. As long as we are eating who cares what we eat? The babies are trying to learn how to use the litter box. Mom made them a little litter box that is the perfect size for them. She even put a hood over it. I can't really fit in there but it is my preferred litter box these days. I've tried to teach them everything I know about flinging litter all over the place but with the hood on the box that makes it pretty difficult.

The babies like to play with my tail and they like to sing and sing. One of the babies was born with a clef palate but he seems to be doing just fine now. We call him "Nort" because that's the sound he made when he was trying to snort!

I think that's about all the news that's going on in my life. Tune in later and I'll make sure that mom posts a picture of me in my new favorite place to sit.

Signing off for now,

Love, Lorenzo