Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Nana

Dear Nana,
This is Ashey. I can't wait to see you on Christmas. I've never been to Christmas but mama says they are fun. I want to show you that I can run so fast and jump so high. I can run so fast...LORENZO...get out of here..I'm writin a letter to my Nana.

ASHEY!!! Shut up! Don't tell Nana that you can run so fast. You..Stupid! Now we are going to get blamed for the mess in the house from last night. Nana, this is Lorenzo. I just wanted to tell you that Ashey is afraid of the heater. When it turns on there is a lot of noise for just a minute or two and that makes Ashey ascared and she hides in the drawers in the bathroom or kitchen. She just opens the drawer with her foot and slides right in there and then we don't see her for a while. What a chicken! Mama took pictures so one of these days EVERYONE will get to see that stupid Ashey is afraid of the heater.



yeah, well you are stupid, too!


Tornado warning!

Last night as I slept a tornado came inside my home and wreaked havoc! That has to be the only reason why I awoke to the complete and utter devistation in my dining room. The Christmas tree is almost completely un-decorated and there are ornaments all over the house. The branches of the tree are completely tweeked and bent to smithereens. It is a very sad state of affairs, but not quite as sad as my next discovery. The coveted contents of what was left of my very first ever 2lb. box of See's candy was strewn all over the kitchen floor. To make matters worse a portion of the box was in the water dish along with a couple of pieces of candy. There are chocolate flecks and sprinkles in my white carpet. There were pieces of candy with bites taken out of them and pieces of semi chewed nuts spit out on the floor next to my front door. My camera charger narrowly averted it's first bath in the water bowl.
Aside from the Christmas tree and the See's mop and broom were half way down the hallway and the extra special satin gift wrapping ribbon I was going to use to give my gifts that "ooohh" factor, was unraveled, chewed up and pretty much draped all over the living room. Lastly, all of my bathroom drawers were opened.

I spoke to Ashleigh and Lorenzo and they knew nothing about it. As a matter of fact Ashleigh tried to blame it on Roy over at When I reminded Ashleigh that she and Lorenzo were behaving like total idiots last night and both got their fanny's spanked because they scratched my face when they were trying to jump over the couch length wise. Ashleigh insisted that she and her brother had both learned their lesson and went straight to bed after their spankings and never moved until I woke up the next morning. Sorry, but I simply do not believe her.

(This would be a good place to insert an announcement of Lorenzo's newest trick: he likes to sit on top of my clock radio, (I'm assuming it's warm up there), and press my snooze alarm before it goes off. For some reason this deactivates the alarm. I have been fortunate that I usually wake up before the alarm sounds so it hasn't really bothered me yet, but I see tardiness in my future if this keeps up.)

What's a mother to do?

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yes, Glendora, There Is A Santa Claus

From: Wyatt, Tami []
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 4:39 PM
To: City Council Outside E-Mail
Subject: The Glendora Stroll

To Whom It May Concern:

A couple of weeks ago my family and I went to the Glendora Stroll. It was a lovely night. All of the shops were decked out in their holiday finery, people were handing out cookies and hot chocolate and some of the more patient folks got to take a ride on horse drawn carriages. It was all quite beautiful and you could tell that a lot of work had been put in to making this event something very special.

The reason I'm writing this letter is to bring your attention to the wonderful man who played Santa Claus. I attended the Stroll with my 2 nephews. The youngest one is 3 and he has never, ever gotten near Santa Claus and yet this time he climbed up on his lap like they were old, dear friends. However this is not why I was so impressed with Santa. My other nephew, Paul, is 20 years old, as has been diagnosed with "mental retardation compounded with autistic tendencies". Paul is the size of a 20 year old but he has the mentality of a 6 year old. He has always loved Santa Claus and couldn't understand why he was not allowed to sit on his lap and talk to him any more. The whole time we were standing in line I was trying to convince Paul that Santa was only there to talk to the little kids and that he was too big to fit in the carriage with Santa. Once it got to be our turn another obviously handicapped young adult showed up and jumped in to the carriage with Santa. The handicapped young man's mom was trying to tell him that he shouldn't have jumped in front of the line and that it wasn't his turn yet. I assured the mom that it was ok and that I understood the excitement and then Santa assured the young man that everything was ok. Santa talked to him for a good couple of minutes and then it was our turn. Before we could get our baby into the carriage, Paul slid in there and sat right down next to Santa. With Paul being autistic it is much easier to let him do what he has his mind set to instead of interrupting him so I relented and told Paul that it was ok for him to talk to Santa but he was too big to sit on Santa's lap and that he needed to make his visit quick. Santa told me that everything was ok and he encouraged Paul to sit on his lap if that is where he wanted to sit. That dear Santa sat there for almost 5 minutes with approximately 200 lbs and 6 " of Paul on his lap and listened and spoke with him intently. Once Paul thought he had made his Christmas list clear to Santa he told him thank you and he got out. Paul adores Santa and I was moved to tears at how kind this one was. We have run across other Santa's who were not as patient. Your Santa didn't have to let this man/child sit on his lap and he didn't have to listen to Paul's somewhat unintelligible ramblings, but he did. And he did it like he meant it. He was not impatient nor was he in a hurry. This Santa was sweet and kind and gentle and I would have told him this to his face that night but I was too busy blubbering. He has no idea how much my family, (and I'm sure I speak for the family of the other handicapped young man, too.), appreciated his actions.

If you ever need a candidate for a good citizen award, I would like to nominate this gentleman. He is truly deserving of kudos for being so selfless in his portrayal of Santa Claus.

Tami Wyatt

First response:

Hi Tami ,
Your email brought tears to my eyes - what a wonderful story. I have grown up (currently 60 yrs old!) with the spirit of Santa Claus still in my mind. I have always believed and thought that you're never too old , and traditions should never die. I am so happy that this Santa treated your son Paul as well as he did. I believe I know who this Santa is and I have already nominated (your suggestion) for the next awards presentation. I would like you and your family there to pass along your story at the time of the presentation. Please let me know if this is alright with you. I will let you know when the presentation is.
Thanks again,
Ken Herman, Mayor Pro Tem


-----Original Message-----From: Susan Baux [] Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 4:43 PMTo: Councilmember Gary Clifford; Councilmember Karen Davis; Councilmember Mark Kelly; Mayor Doug Tessitor; Mayor Pro Tem Ken HermanCc: City ManagerSubject: FW: The Glendora Stroll

Dear Councilmembers,

After reading this story, would it be possible to invite this person (Santa) to the next Council presentations or would that not be proper?


2nd Response:

I was forwarded your very kind , made me feel good, e-mail regarding the Christmas Stroll, that you sent to City of Glendora by the Mayor Doug Tessitor,

I am the Santa Claus you write about.

My name is Gordon Norman, I live here in Glendora , having come here in 1967 to be the Band Director at Glendora High School, then moving on to Cal State University Long Beach in 1973, as Associate Director of Bands. I commuted to Long Beach so that your children could attend Glendora Schools.

After leaving education in '79, we started Tartan Tours and Travel, which became Norman Travel on Route 66, across from what is now Honey's and the Legend Restaurant. We closed the store front almost 4 years ago, and we now still do group travel (music groups) from our home on Valencia Street, close to Sandburg Middle School.

I guess kids loving kids come naturally to me as I have been involved with children all of my life, as an educator, coach and just have a love for kids. When you see their great big expectant eyes, you feel you know you must do all you can!!!!

I deeply appreciate the Handicapped, both physical and mental. Many years ago, I worked in the Pasadena Department of Recreation with the Handicapped in their Summer programs. This experience taught me a great deal of humility.

I have been doing Santa Clause now here in Glendora for almost 10 years and do this service to give back to my community that has given to myself, my family, so many wonderful years living here in this special town.

I am involved in Rotary, Sister City and have been in on the Parks and Recreation Commission (now Human Services) for several years. I will again next year serve as Rotary President after having done so 24 years ago.

Your e-mail brought a choked throat and tears to both my wife and myself, when we received it having been forwarded to me by the Mayor. I so appreciate you taking the time to say, Thank You.

I was asked by the Mayor to come to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday last, (as Santa) ,and did so. Your kind e-mail was read aloud to the audience. Again, I was moved deeply. Your kind thoughts are what make do this fun thing, called Santa Claus, a great experience.

My best to you and yours in this Holiday Season.

Gordon Norman

3rd Response

Hi Tami,

I wanted to thank you, belatedly, for your touching letter to the city relating your experience with Santa (Gordon Norman) at the Glendora Stroll.

When I received your e-mail, it was a short time before our council meeting. I called Santa and asked him to come to the meeting to wish Glendorans a Merry Christmas. When he arrived, I stopped the meeting and asked him to speak to those of us there.

Then I read portions of your letter to him publicly. He and the audience were very moved. I saw several people wiping their eyes. Your letter was a great Christmas present to Santa and the rest of us in the council chambers. Thanks to your sharing, all of us got to experience the true meaning of Christmas in a special way.

Would you give me permission to reprint your letter in my weekly Examiner column? This next edition will be the last one before Christmas and I really would like to do a Christmas story. Yours would fit the bill nicely. In respect of your privacy, I omitted your name at the council meeting, but would like to mention it in the article. With your permission! Please let me know. I need to start writing this morning.

Thank you again for letting us all experience this moment.

Doug Tessitor
City of Glendora

From: Wyatt, Tami
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 10:46 AM
To: 'Doug Tessitor'
Subject: RE: Santa

Dear Mayor Tessitor,
I would be pleased as punch for you to publish my letter and I wholeheartedly give you permission to my pleasure. It was absolutely my pleasure to let you know about my family's encounter with him.Gordon Norman is, without a doubt When my Christmas is all about. When my family and I were waiting in line to see Santa and Paul was so insistent about wanting to sit in Santa's lap I was so very afraid that Santa was going to cringe at the idea of a handicapped man/child wanting to sit on his lap and attempt to talk to him. I wanted to protect Paul from what I thought was going to be an embarrassing experience and yet when Paul jumped in to that carriage Santa Norman greeted Paul with opened arms and quiet recognition of Paul's limited capabilities. If there weren't so many children in line behind us, I would have jumped into that carriage and given Santa Norman a hug. I hope my letter served as a hug by proxy.It was absolutely my pleasure to let you know about my family's encounter with him. Thank you for reading my letter aloud at the counsel meeting. Everyone should know that we have such a kind and gentle soul living among us.I look forward to reading your article.
Merry Christmas,
Tami Wyatt


Friday, December 15, 2006

Bek and her boys of the weekend. First picture is with Tom Delong of Angels & Airwaves. Second picture is with Michael Gotto of "Sanctified". Third picture is with Daryl Gotto, also of "Sanctified".

On Saturday Bek and I went to The Universal Hilton and checked in. Our room was very nice and we had a lovely view of the roof of the floors below us. After we got un-packed we took the hotel shuttle across the way to Universal Studios City Walk. We walked around and shopped. We stopped in a chocolate store and had chocolate fudge with cayenne pepper in it and it was muy bueno. We found the stage where "Sanctified" was going to be playing and we staked out a place where we would have something to lean against. After much waiting the band finally showed up and did a sound check. Rebek was pretty much instantly in love. I'm not sure who she liked the best...Daryl, Michael or Nation. They are all 3 talented, good looking guys. The sound check went really well but pretty much as soon as they were finished the skies opened up. Bek and I searched for dryer ground and we wound up sitting with Michael and Daryl's dad and grandma. I was very shocked to find out that Mr. Gotto actually remembered me and welcomed us to squeeze in under the heaters with his family.

"Sanctified" put on a wonderful show. They sing, they rock, they jam. When the show was over one of the band members, Gabe, brought his girl friend up on stage and then proceeded to get down on bended knee and propose to her. It was so sweet.

After the show was over we took the hotel shuttle from Universal City Walk back to the Sheraton. It had rained a little bit but had since stopped. I was the first one to get off of the bus and little did I know that that's when my flight was cleared for take off. Oddly enough I was holding on to the hand rail, which is very, very rare for me being the germ-o-phobe that I am. I took about a half of a step and my feet just flew out from underneath me. I dangled in mid air for about 5 minutes before my butt hit the stair steps and then I bounced down each and every one of them on my spine. I hit my head on the last step and my first thought at that moment was, "MY HAIR IS IN THIS ICKY WATER THAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN STEPPING IN!" I never let go of the hand rail until my body hit the road so I landed with my arms above my head and my jacket, shirt and sweater up around my neck. Now THAT is a good look. My flying Walenda routine took place in slow motion and I have relived it in my mind over and over since it happened. Even when it was happening I was so embarrassed I could hardly stand it. I know that I was never going to see any of those people again but I feel like I made such a spectacle of myself. Of course it only took 1 second after landing on the wet ground for me to jump up and insist that I was ok, I meant to do that, leave me alone I'm going to my room There was a lady who got off of the shuttle when we did and she strongly encouraged me to make an accident report. At first I didn't want to because I was not yet in any pain and I just wanted to get the hell out of Dodge. While waiting for the elevator I had Rebek look at my back and assess my wounds. I was so cold and so full of adrenaline that I couldn't even tell if I was bleeding or not. My spine was scraped but fortunately there was no blood. After thinking for another minute I realized that I could very well wake up paralyzed the next morning and I'd have no way of proving that I had sustained my injury during my stay at the Sheraton so I relented and went to fill out an accident report. This turned out to be a total joke and pretty much just made me mad. Can you believe a corporation as large as the Sheraton Hotel does NOT have an accident report form? A person from the securityoffice came down from his lofty tower with a clip board and a blank sheet of paper. By his demeanor and actions I would easily say he'd never taken an accident report before in his entire life. And judging by how long it took him to find me he must have been reading a tutorial before he came down stairs. The first thing he asked me was, "Do you have a picture ID?" He didn't ask me what happened or if I was in pain or what I thought of the war in Iraq. No sympathy or apology was offered. I gave him my drivers license and he wrote down all of my information and then asked me if this was my current address. THEN he asked me what happened. I had to repeat myself several times and this was not a difficult story. "I was getting off ofthe Sheraton shuttle bus, the steps were wet and I slipped and slid down the steps on my spine until I hit the ground. I hit my head and I scraped my back." That's when he finally asked if I needed to see a doctor and I said that I didn't think so. Then this yayhoo asked me why I was requesting an accident report???? I told him that if I woke up paralyzed the next morning I wanted something in writing showing how it happened. He said,"ok" and that was that. He walked away and we walked away, then I saw him at the elevator and he said, "When did this happened?" I thought that was a foolish question, when did he think it happened? Last May? I told him that it happened just a couple of minutes ago and he said, "No, you were talking to me a few minutes ago." I wanted to tell him that at point of impact I didn't bother to look at my watch, but instead I told him that it happened roughly 10 minutes ago. That was the end of our conversation.

During this whole situation he displayed not one bit of sympathy or compassionor true concern for me or the safety of others. He wasn't even matter of fact, he was completely disinterested in the whole situation. I think I will sue them because now that I have a huge bruise on my fanny my bikini modeling career is ruined. I don't think I will be going to the doctor. I'm stiff and I'm sore and hopefully this will be as bad as it gets. I think I pulled the muscles in my right bicep and chest area .n to, and never let go of the hand rail. Also for reasons I can't quit figure ankles hurt, too.

Takes a bow and then shows rather large bruise on right rear end and another on lower spine to the crowd. (The one on my butt hurt enough that it woke me up in the middle of the night Saturday night before I even knew it was there.) The whole event was very pretty and impressive and I'm sorry that you were not there to witness it in person.

Since it was raining and I had just tried to kill myself...we were pretty much going to stay in our room for the rest of the night. I had no problem entertaining myself with the television and my library book. Rebek on the other hand found much folly in creating a new hair do which she dubbed "Glass Head". She took a small drinking glass and put it on top of her head and then pinned her hair all up over the glass. She took pictures and in the pictures she simply looks like someone from a scary movie who's hair is standing up on end.

We got up Sunday morning and packed out bags. We checked out of our hotel room and took the killer shuttle back to City Walk. We had a nutritious breakfast of Cinnabons and coffee. We had a few hours to kill so we went to the movies and saw "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D. I do so love Jack Skellington.

After the movie we made our way back to the VIP entrance of the concert. It was pretty cool walking past all of the other poor suckers who had to stand in line. Once we went through the gate we saw a patio that was all decorated for Christmas. There was a huge food tent and then a long hallway with pictures of all of the bands that were scheduled to play. The pictures were all made to look like family Christmas pictures. It was pretty funny.
We had to hang out and mingle. It was freezing cold and it was hard to stand still but Bek was certain that if Brandon Flowers from the Killers was anywhere around she was going to see him. We never got to see Brandon but she did get to see Tom Delong. He used to sing with Blink 182 but he's now with Angeles & Airwaves. She was so afraid to go up and ask to take a picture with him but I convinced her that THAT was what he was there for. She walked up to him and she was so giddy I could hardly understand what she was saying but he agreed to take a picture. He is very tall and Rebek is very he pretty much folded himself in half so that his face would be in the same area as hers....they stood there smiling'

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Musings from Lorenzo

Dear Nana & Auntie,
This is Lorenzo. I am the only one of us who can sit still long enough to write you a letter. As you may or may not know, Ashey is in rigorous training for the Idiot Olympics. I think she just might bring home the gold!

Last night Mama went to Big Lot’s and bought us CAT TOYS!!!!! She is the best mom ever. Mama had to sit on her knees in order to open the big box and we helped out by climbing on to her back. The main toy is really tall and stickery and we could CLIMB on it. It just kept getting better and better. When she took the stickery thing out of the long box we played and played in the box, but then we realized that mama needed help putting the stickery thing together so, again, we climbed on her back. She wasn’t on her knees this time so we really had to jump and climb up her legs and her pink sweater. I like to sit on her head and lick her hair, but every time I do Ashey thinks she has to be a copy catter and do it too and we both don’t fit on Mama’s head. When we were finished helping her with that she made us get off and we took that opportunity to get a good look that this stickery thing. Mama was working on pulling the sides of it down so we helped her by climbing onto it and chewing on the ends. Even though it didn't smell very good it was kind of tasty ‘cept when we got those little glass things in our mouth. Mama kept telling us that she didn’t need our help but that is just how we roll. We are nothing if not helpful. After the stickery thing was all put together it was really big and Mama kept picking us up and moving us away from it. That is the best game ever, but we didn’t really have time for games because we had to find out just how tall this stickery thing was. We think this thing is actually called a “GET A-WAY!” because that is what Mama kept calling it. We watched Mama put this thing-a-mabob, (tech talk, ya know) into the wall and when she did the “GET A-WAY” was all lit up, bright and shiney! It was amazing and beautiful. We had to climb right in there to see just how it worked. Ashey climbed real fast and she got way up to the top. I just sat on the floor because I had to keep guard. Mama grabbed Ashey by the neck and told her “GET A-WAY”. I think Mama thinks we are stupid because she kept telling us the name of the stickery thing over and over like we don't know how to listen or something. We know what it is by NOW. Go ahead, test us....
When Mama was taking Ashey off of the GET A-WAY I climbed up just a little and I jumped down when I saw Mama coming. Mama put my new bed in front of the GET A-WAY and I snuggled in so I could get a little rest before anything else happened. Mama thought she was going to take a picture of me in my new bed under the lit up GET A-WAY but I am much too fast for her. She takes so many pictures of us I'm sure our souls have disappeared.

Mama went in to the white room and opened a bag and took out MORE CAT TOYS! You would not believe the toys. 24 plastic balls with hooks on them. Ashey loves balls and she played hockey with them until the balls were all over the house. I had had enough rest so I played hockey with her for a while. Mama was doing something else with a bag on the couch and I decided right then and there that I missed mama and I had to sit on her lap immediately or I would simply perish. So I jumped on to her lap and there I saw hundreds, maybe thousands of toys. There was soft felt and ribbon and buttons as far as the eye could see. I dove right in there and came up with one in my mouth. I didn’t want Ashey to see what I had so I jumped off of Mama’s lap and I ran across the room with my ears back against my head. (I'm stealth like that!) Mama tried to pick up all the plastic balls and put them on the GET A-WAY. Ashey thought the idea of sky hockey was brilliant! How smart of Mama to hang the hockey balls on the GET A-WAY. Wasn’t that nice of Mama to put all the toys in one place so that we don’t have to go all over the house to find them? We climbed and chewed and batted on the GET A-WAY. We chewed and swatted all of the toys that we could reach. We climbed up as high as we could and then Mama made us get down. But then we came up with a better idea. If we climbed up on to her back then we could jump from her back to the GET A-WAY and get the toys that were way high up. We each did this as many times as we could and then we both got spanked. I pouted and Ashey tried to knock the GET A-WAY over but all that happened was a few of the cat toys fell off. Mama was only bleeding a little bit; it wasn’t like she needed that many stitches or anything. Sheesh, what a baby. Mama sat down for a couple of minutes so we followed her in to the white room. Ashey and I played in the big box and we got some long pieces of sticky paper stuck to our feet. Mama thought that was funny but it really wasn’t funny when the sticky stuff chased me around the room and wouldn’t stop. It even stuck to my face when I tried to chew it off of my foot. I thought I was a goner there for a minute, but I think I got the best of it. When Mama stopped laughing she started another fun adventure. We simply love it when she plays in our sandbox with us. The minute she goes near it Ashey and I both jump right in. Mama takes things out and we put things in. I like to kick sand in every direction and I like to dig, dig, and dig until I’m half way to China. Then I scratch the side of the sand box and the carpet. It is especially fun to do this when Mama is trying to take things out of the box. We have two sand boxes so I can play in one while Ashey plays in the other. We can make a much more efficient mess this way, and once again, this is just how we roll. We are a team. I like to jump out of the box and then jump right on to Mama’s head. It is sooo hi-larious when Mama gets sand in her hair! After Mama was finished playing in the sand box she went in to the kitchen and turned on the water . THAT. IS. MY. FAVORITE. THING. EVER!! “Will the fun never stop in this house tonight”, I wondered to myself. I jumped up on to the counter and ran over to the sink as fast as I could. Ashey was directly behind me. She doesn't like water as much as I do, so I told her to stand back. This is a boy thing. I stuck my head right in the water and then I shook it so that there was water alllll over the place. I let Mama dry me off with a towel and when she was done I went running toward that little room where the other water is because I was hoping she was going to point that warm blowy thing at me but I guess Mama was too busy because she never came down the hall. I went back in to the kitchen and I climbed up her back and sat on her shoulders with my front paws on her head. I have a view of EVERYTHING when I do that but then Ashey thought she had to do it too. Ha ha. Ashey had to just sit on Mama’s shoulder while I got to stay up top. Mama wasn’t playing in the water any more so I thought that maybe the fun for the night was over but boy was I wrong because you know what she did next?? That wonderful Mama made TOP RAMEN!!!!!! We love Top Ramen! Top Ramen…Top Ramen, we got to eat Top Ramen!!! Mama put it in a bowl and sat down on the couch..and.. I.. put my foot right in the bowl! Then I put my face in the bowl. I was just about doing the Top Ramen Hokey Pokey because each time I had put something in I had to shake it all about! Mama isn’t really good about sharing when the bowl is full but when she was finished she did let us lick the bowl. When we were done licking the bowl our faces were wet and our bellies were round. I lay down in my new bed again and thought I’d take a snooze, and Ashey thought she’d try to rearrange the cat toys on the GET A-WAY. Before Mama could get in to the room with Ashey there toys all over the floor. Mama made that face that she makes when she’s mad at us so Ashey thought she’d better help Mama before she got in to serious trouble so she climbed up her leg and sweater and supervised the goings on from up top of Mama's head. Just when I was sure there would be no more fun for the night Mama showed me that she had one more piece of fun up her sleeve before she called it quits. She got the VACUUM out! That makes two nights this week she got that big ol’ cat toy out of the closet. I think that is how Mama shows me that she loves me. Ashey went and hid under the couch but I think she does that on purpose because Mama thinks it’s so cute when she peeks out from underneath. Mama put that snakey thing in to the hole in the wall and the vacuum lit up and boy did we play!!! She chased me and I chased her. I sat right in front of her and pretended like I didn’t see her and then at the last second I would leap straight in to the air! I sat on mama’s foot and I purred. Oh the fun we did have. By then it was about 11:00 PM and I had to rest up for the nightly Idiot Olympics that start around 12:00 AM, so thankfully Mama went to bed. Ashey and I always go to bed with her because we don’t want to miss out on all the fun that is to be had when she puts on her pajamas. Her pajamas have a draw string on the front and we like to play with it until we make her pajamas come off. Mama also always goes in to that little room where the other water is every night before she goes to bed and we love to watch the water swirl around and disappear. That silly Mama is usually sitting in the way so we can’t see the water then we have to squeeze between her and the back of the seat so we can see what is going on. Anyway….we just wanted to let you know how much fun we had last night. Oh, and thank you, Nana for bringing over all of that stuff so Ashey and I could build forts. You’re the greatest!
Renzo & Ashey


Friday, December 01, 2006

Morning with the Crazy Cat Lady

This morning I got up and went in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I adjusted the knobs so that the water would get warm. I took my clothes off and pulled back the shower curtain only to find Lorenzo sitting there, blinking, trying to keep the water out of his eyes. He was not really alarmed at being wet but he did climb out of the tub. As I have mentioned…I have no source of heat in my house so I figured that he would simply freeze to death if I didn’t do something so I dried him off with a towel as much as he’d let me and then I blew him dry with the blow dryer. This just in: Lorenzo loves the blow dryer. He purred and sat as still as he could. He didn’t care for it when I tried to dry his feeties, but I’m sure he was just afraid that I would try to sneak in a pedicure when he was not looking. During this process Ashleigh had to jump in to the tub to investigate. I was pretty much finished with Lorenzo so I let him go and I got Ashleigh out of the tub. She had sat down in there so her butt and belly were wet in addition to her feet. This just in: The blow dryer tried to murder Ashleigh. I didn’t want to get my eyes scratched out so I stopped with the blow dryer and tried to dry her off with a towel. This just in: The towel tried to murder Ashleigh. I had run out of drying options and I was running out of time so I just let her go and I got in to the shower. About 1 minute after I got in I felt the shower curtain hit my foot. Lorenzo had either climbed in or fell in to the tub. “Loren-ZO”, I said to the deaf cat as I rolled my eyes. I had to open the shower curtain in order to reach him and in doing so managed to get water all over the bathroom rug and floor. I put Lorenzo on the bathroom rug and I closed the curtain and took an abbreviated shower. I hated to think that I had a freezing cold, wet kitten running around so I got out of the shower and went to look for him. I don’t know why I would have worried about Ashleigh and Lorenzo running around in the cold morning air with wet feet…they were both under the blankets of my bed. The wet footprints on my white down comforter were especially cute.

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