Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrity List touch up...

I don't usually post the same thing twice but I wanted to add some more people and include brief comments about my sightings....

Al Jarreau (Sat next to him at a restaurant in Westwood.)
Angelyne (At a restaurant in Hollywood)(Picture Estelle Ghetty with botox and spandex!)
Anson Williams VERY NICE GUY. (Spent the summer with him in Hawaii, he was directing Baywatch and my bro in law was the 1st AD.)
Anthony Edwards VERY NICE GUY (On the ER set)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (At the Jay Leno show)
Bean Baxter (Local celeb from KROQ morning show) (At a VIP party during a concert)
Bill Mahr (At a Jackson Browne listening party)
Bill Smitrovitch (On the Live Goes On set)
Billy Barty (At the Billy Barty Show)
Bob Colburn (Iconic DJ at KLOS radio station and host of “Rock Line) (At an interview)
Bobby Sherman (He attended my 10 year high school reunion!)
Brian May (guitarist of “Queen”) (Saw him at a Kiss concert in the audience)
Catherine Bach VERY DRUNK (Stepped on my date’s toe at a Prince concert)
Cee-Lo (Lead singer for “Gnarles Barkley”) (Saw him leaving the venue of a KROQ concert)
Chad Lowe VERY NICE GUY (On the Life Goes On set)
Charlie Brumbly (On the Baywatch set)
Chastity Bono (At the Sonny & Cher show)
Chris Burke (On the Life Goes On set)
Corbin Bernsen (On the Baywatch Set)
Daisy Fuentes SELF IMPORTANT BEAST (On the Baywatch Set)
David Hasselhoff (On the Baywatch Set)
David Lee Roth WOULDN't GIVE ME HIS AUTOGRAPH (In a 7-11 on Sunset Blvd.)
David Letterman (At a filming of Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert)
David Naughton JERK (“An American Werewolf in London”) (At a benefit concert)
Denzel Washington (At the Jay Leno Show)
Dr. Drew VERY NICE GUY (Celebrity Rehab) (At a KROQ concert)
Efren Ramirez (“Pedro” in “Napoleon Dynamite”) (At a KROQ concert)
Ellen DeGeneres (At her show)
Elton John (Ran in to him leaving the Jay Leno Show)
Eriq LaSalle (On the ER set)
Fred Savage (At the Pasadena Play House)
George Clooney VERY NICE GUY (On the set of ER)
Gloria Reuben (On the set of ER)
Gov. Jerry Brown (At a No Nukes reception)
Ike Turner (At a bar in Hollywood)
Jack LaLanne (At a Fashion Show)
Jack Sherman (Red Hot Chili Peppers) (I know his sister and I met him in his dressing room.)
Jackson Browne NICEST GUY EVER! (In the line for the bathroom at a listening party)
Jacques Cousteau (At a No Nukes reception)
Jason Brooks (On the Baywatch set)
Jason Mamoa NICE, NICE GUY. (On the Baywatch set)
Jay Leno (At his show)
Jeff Conaway (At Bono’s restaurant)
Jessica Lang (Arriving at the Shrine Auditorium to see Baryshnikov dance)
Jewel (At the Jay Leno show)
Jim Belushi TRIED TO GET ME TO JOIN HIM IN HIS WINNEBAGO DRESSING ROOM IN THE EARLY 80's.(On the street when he was filming a movie)
Joe Perry (At an interview)
Joe Walsh (At a benefit concert, in the audience)
John Ritter (At a restaurant in Westwood)
Jose Eber’ (At the Dream Maker show)
Juilana Marguiles SELF IMPORTANT (On the ER Set)
Kabir Bedhi (Bollywood actor) (At the Mike Douglas Show)
Kate Jackson MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU'D IMAGINE (In the elevator of the 1 Wilshire Bldg.)
Kelly Martin (On the Live Goes on set and at the Pasadena Play house.)
Laura Diaz LESS THAN 5 FEET TALL. (Newcaster on ABC channel 7 in Los Angeles) (Interviewed a student at the school where I used to work.)
Loretta Swit (At the Farmers Market)
Luther Vandross (At a bar in Hollywood)
Marty Allen (In the elevator in Century City)
Michael Anthony (At a girl friend’s house and again at a music store in HB)
Michael Bergin (On the Baywatch set)
Michael Newman (On the Baywatch set)
Mick Mars VERY GENTLE HUMAN BEING (At a convention)
Nigel Olsen (In a bar in Hollywood)
Nikki Sixx (At a convention)
Noah Wiley (On the ER set)
Paul Stanley (At a convention)
Patti LuPone (On the Life Goes On set)
Psycho Mike (Local celeb from KROQ morning show)
REO Speedwagon: Gary Ritchrath & Alan Gratzer (At the bank)
Richard Simmons VERY NICE AND FUN PERSON(at his show)
Rockin’ Fig (Local radio celebrity) (At the beach)
Rod Stewart (On Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills)
Ronald & Russell Mael (“Sparks”) (At the Farmers market)
Ronnie Vanucci (Drummer for “The Killers”) (Walking in to the KROQ show)
Scott Weiland (Lead singer of “Stone Temple Pilots” & “Velvet Revolver”) (At an interview)
Sharon Lawrence (At a premiere party)
Sheila E. (At a convention)
Sherry Stringfield (On the ER set)
Sonny & Cher (At their TV show)
Stacy Kamona (On the Baywatch set)
Steven Tyler REMIND ME TO TELL YOU MY STORY ABOUT HIM.(At an interview)
Stryker (Local celeb from KROQ morning show and one time Ellen DeGeneres DJ) (At a KROQ concert)
Susan Blakely (70’s super model) (In the audience of the Stephen Bishop concert)
Susie Coelho (Actress/model, Sonny Bono’s 3rd wife) (At Bono’s restaurant)
Suzanne Somers (At the Ellen Show)
Ted Lange (Walking down the streets of Westwood)
The Cars (In a hotel lobby)
Tim Mc Graw (At the Jay Leno Show)
Timothy B. Schmidt (At an Aerosmith concert)
Todd Rundgren HUGGED ME! (In the bar at the House of Blues)
Tom Arnold NICE GUY (On the Baywatch Set)
Tom Delonge NICE GUY. (Lead singer for “Angels & Airwaves” & “Blink 182”) (Walking in to the KROQ show)
Tom Sholz (At a convention)
Tommy Lasorda (At the high school where I used to work, scouting Chuckie Tiffany)
Tony Danza (At Bono’s Restaurant)
Trudy Styler (Sting's wife) (At a benefit concert, in the audience)
Vasili Bazianos (“Benny Sago” on “All My Children”) (At the Pasadena Play House)
Wendy Jo Sperber (The older sister on “Back to the Future) (At the Pasadena Play House)
Ralph Garman (Local celeb from KROQ morning show, he is also a voice character on Family Guy.) (At a VIP party during a KROQ concert.)
Don Steele (Iconic DJ from KRLA) (At the filming of the original “Death Race 2000)



Blogger Busy Bee Suz said... get around. a lot. :)
lucky you.
I only have old people around me here. well, and my family. they are not old. Just everyone else. :)

I love the "free paint".
what are some people thinking when they paint their houses??? geeezze...tacky.

5:41 PM  
Blogger LS said...

I stumbled onto this blog because one of the posts contained the name Paul Stanley lol

I'm loving this. Great blog, Tami.

Leanne St G

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also met Jackson Browne who is the nicest person I've met. I also met Bobby Sherman in 1969 in Chicago after his concert. You can see a picture of me with Bobby at my Jackson Browne website. He is in the photo section marked "other" photos. The website is

6:33 AM  
Blogger Smart Mouth Broad said...

That is really some list! I don't recall ever meeting a celebrity. My husband has as his work often takes him to Palm Beach but I have never seen or met anyone unless you count our local meteorologist who we is our friend.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Wow - you have been there, met them! I have only a short list but my three biggies are John Stamos right before he launched as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital - such a sweetheart, so nice to my friend and me. Michael Jackson - FOR REAL!! Years ago when I lived on the other side of town and we used to hang on Melrose. He smiled at us and we carried on. But my most favorite was Julie Andrews as I was boarding a flight to London on my way to Italy when I spent the summer there during law school. She was precisely lovely to me. We strolled up the ramp just after my mom and I realized it was her and she engaged me immediately, wanting to know where I was going and why and all I could do was say to her, "My mom is down there freaking out that you and I are walking on this plane together." That my child adores Sound of Music means the world to me.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous big hair envy said...

I once spotted Victoria Principle in an airport in Nassau. She had monogrammed luggage, and she. was. beautiful.

Your list?? Nothing short of amazing:) Lucky!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Tami & Tori said...

Thanks for the compliment. I sure wish I knew who you were....

9:38 AM  

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