Monday, April 26, 2010


When I started blogging it was really only for my sister and my mother. They have always enjoyed my take on things so I recapped my weekends for them. Little by little my writings grew in to more than just things for the two of them. I started telling stories about my ever growing herd of cats, I started writing my occasional column called, "Free Paint" and my other column called, "Where's My Red Pen". I never, ever dreamed that anyone other than my two family members would be reading...and I never dreamed that I would get so caught up in the reading of other blogs. There is an entire world of people out there who write blogs. Pretty much all of them have more readers than I do and that's fine. I don't know if I could survive the pressure if I had had an actual fan base full of people I don't know.

Last week I attended a meeting of bloggers and as I sat in "Las Brisas" the beeautiful cliff side restaurant in Laguna Beach..and watched the following people come in one by one...I wondered if they ever dreamed that they would reach such great heights of popularity as they are all enjoying these days. All of them are simply women, (and one man!), who have the ability to put their thoughts in to writing and make me laugh just about every day. And to me they are rock stars!

Please meet Y from Suzanne from
Neil from
Meredith, who currently doesn't have a blog..

Kim from
Kirsten from
Beckey from

And last but not least...the reason why we all met at this fabu place on a cliff...

Meet Georgia from

Georgia, or Bossy as we tended to call on a cross country trip on her "No Book Tour". Ford has given her a lovely car to drive that she has lovingly named Harrison. ("Harrison Ford", get it?) This is her 2nd cross country trip where she goes from state to state and meets up with groups of her blogging friends. I would love to say that I had a nice long chat with her and was as eloquent as I am when I'm speaking to anyone...however...I was dumbfounded the minute I met the 2nd person to arrive from this group. (I was worried about being late and I got there first!) As each person arrived I found myself turning more and more in to an intimidated goon. I was engaged in conversation by everyone pictured and pretty much every time I opened my mouth something a tad less intelligent than, "Um, duh..." came tumbling out of my mouth.

I hope to get a do over with all of my new friends so that I can prove to them that I am capable of stringing together a complete sentence...and I might even be able to make them laugh, too! (Look at me setting my sights all high and everything!)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I took some pictures this weekend...

I took some pictures this weekend. I think I had more fun than the girls did. These are all just straight out of my camera..except for the last one. I played with it a little.

Can I take your picture next time?


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Where's mah red pen?

I saw this at the Huntington Beach Tuesday night street fair.