Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A short story...titled..."Irony"

Last Sunday my mom and her precious dog, Angel, a Lhasa Apso, were sitting on the porch in front of her house.

Out of the clear blue sky a huge Rottweiler appeared and charged toward Angel. My mom did her best to keep the Rottweiler from harming Angel. There was barking and growling and slobbering and crying...the Rottweiler knocked my mom over, which caused her to break many accrylic finger nails, but my mom was still able to keep Angel from harm.

My mom screamed, "Help me!!! Help me!!", to no avail. A couple of girls walked by and watched the melee and didn't offer any assistance. (Idiot Foolishes!)

Finally a couple of young men from across the street showed up. They were completely afraid of the Rottweiler and who could blame them. Rottweilers are big and scary. They have a bad reputation. They are nothing like sweet little Lhasa Apso's.

The young men helped to keep the evil Rottweiler at bay. And then when no one was looking Angel went over and bit the young man.

Now everyone knows why I call Angel "Sid Vicious".

The end.