Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tornado warning!

Last night as I slept a tornado came inside my home and wreaked havoc! That has to be the only reason why I awoke to the complete and utter devistation in my dining room. The Christmas tree is almost completely un-decorated and there are ornaments all over the house. The branches of the tree are completely tweeked and bent to smithereens. It is a very sad state of affairs, but not quite as sad as my next discovery. The coveted contents of what was left of my very first ever 2lb. box of See's candy was strewn all over the kitchen floor. To make matters worse a portion of the box was in the water dish along with a couple of pieces of candy. There are chocolate flecks and sprinkles in my white carpet. There were pieces of candy with bites taken out of them and pieces of semi chewed nuts spit out on the floor next to my front door. My camera charger narrowly averted it's first bath in the water bowl.
Aside from the Christmas tree and the See's mop and broom were half way down the hallway and the extra special satin gift wrapping ribbon I was going to use to give my gifts that "ooohh" factor, was unraveled, chewed up and pretty much draped all over the living room. Lastly, all of my bathroom drawers were opened.

I spoke to Ashleigh and Lorenzo and they knew nothing about it. As a matter of fact Ashleigh tried to blame it on Roy over at When I reminded Ashleigh that she and Lorenzo were behaving like total idiots last night and both got their fanny's spanked because they scratched my face when they were trying to jump over the couch length wise. Ashleigh insisted that she and her brother had both learned their lesson and went straight to bed after their spankings and never moved until I woke up the next morning. Sorry, but I simply do not believe her.

(This would be a good place to insert an announcement of Lorenzo's newest trick: he likes to sit on top of my clock radio, (I'm assuming it's warm up there), and press my snooze alarm before it goes off. For some reason this deactivates the alarm. I have been fortunate that I usually wake up before the alarm sounds so it hasn't really bothered me yet, but I see tardiness in my future if this keeps up.)

What's a mother to do?

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Anonymous Aunt Sally said...

OK...enough is enough! Time for the "Cat Whisperer" to come on the scene! This wretched behavior by the children cannot be tolerated any longer! Mother must take charge and demand obedience! She must become the 'alpha cat' at once!

6:58 AM  

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