Friday, December 01, 2006

Morning with the Crazy Cat Lady

This morning I got up and went in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I adjusted the knobs so that the water would get warm. I took my clothes off and pulled back the shower curtain only to find Lorenzo sitting there, blinking, trying to keep the water out of his eyes. He was not really alarmed at being wet but he did climb out of the tub. As I have mentioned…I have no source of heat in my house so I figured that he would simply freeze to death if I didn’t do something so I dried him off with a towel as much as he’d let me and then I blew him dry with the blow dryer. This just in: Lorenzo loves the blow dryer. He purred and sat as still as he could. He didn’t care for it when I tried to dry his feeties, but I’m sure he was just afraid that I would try to sneak in a pedicure when he was not looking. During this process Ashleigh had to jump in to the tub to investigate. I was pretty much finished with Lorenzo so I let him go and I got Ashleigh out of the tub. She had sat down in there so her butt and belly were wet in addition to her feet. This just in: The blow dryer tried to murder Ashleigh. I didn’t want to get my eyes scratched out so I stopped with the blow dryer and tried to dry her off with a towel. This just in: The towel tried to murder Ashleigh. I had run out of drying options and I was running out of time so I just let her go and I got in to the shower. About 1 minute after I got in I felt the shower curtain hit my foot. Lorenzo had either climbed in or fell in to the tub. “Loren-ZO”, I said to the deaf cat as I rolled my eyes. I had to open the shower curtain in order to reach him and in doing so managed to get water all over the bathroom rug and floor. I put Lorenzo on the bathroom rug and I closed the curtain and took an abbreviated shower. I hated to think that I had a freezing cold, wet kitten running around so I got out of the shower and went to look for him. I don’t know why I would have worried about Ashleigh and Lorenzo running around in the cold morning air with wet feet…they were both under the blankets of my bed. The wet footprints on my white down comforter were especially cute.

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