Friday, June 22, 2007

The Kitten Relocation Program Commences

When I woke up this morning I heard Ashleigh rummaging through my closet. This is not unusual as she used to do this all the time. Her goal was usually to climb up my garment bag, that houses my fancy dresses, and then spelunk up to the top shelf. Then she likes to see how many things she can knock off of the shelf. She hasn't done this in a while. At first I tried keeping my closet door closed but since it's a slider she has no problem opening it. Then I resorted to keeping my bedroom door closed only letting them in the bedroom at night so they can sleep with me. As Ashleigh grew more and more pregnant she stopped hanging out in the closet. So, this morning I shoo'd her out and went ahead and got in to the shower. When I got out Lorenzo was trying to tell me something and the last time I ignored him he and Ashleigh went awol through an open window. I discovered that he was trying to tattle on Ashleigh and the Kitten Relocation Program she was instituting. I caught her as she was trying to move one of the kittens to better digs. I walked out of the bathroom just in time to see that she had moved the kitten from the dining room and had dropped it in the middle of the hallway. Then she went back toward the dining room toward her box. I don’t know if she was going to put all of them on the floor in the hall and then go on to start phase two and put them in the closet or if she was trying to feign ignorance and wanted me to think that she had no idea how that one kitten wound up in the middle of the hallway. So I put Jr. back in the box, told Ashleigh that this was where we were raising kittens, then resumed getting ready for work. Moments later I could hear a kitten squalling again. I was in my room, ironing, with the door open. Then I heard Andrew say, “Ashleigh!”, so I ran over and closed my bedroom door. I have to give him credit for waking up in the 6:00 hour when he heard the baby crying. I asked Andrew to put her box in the living room closet and just leave the door slightly ajar. I hope this meets with her obviously high standards for housing. I was going to take a picture of the turn of events but figured my main priority was to get the baby back into the box before it got too cold.

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