Monday, June 11, 2007

My Granddogger

Look at this picture! It seems as though my blog has simply been taken over by the cuteness gene. This is my grandpuppy Hallie, oddly enough named after halibut fish, and my son in law, Mike. I don't believe Mike is named after a fish.

Mike has been married to my daughter for 3 years. Their love story is pretty cute. I won't go in to the whole thing on this post but the very day I introduced Amanda to Mike she told me that she was going to marry him. At first I never thought it would happen and then it got to the point where it probably would have caused the world to stop spinning on it's axis if it didn't happen. Mike is very tall, very thin, has blond hair and blue eyes. He is very good to Amanda and it's a good thing because I'd hate to have to climb up a ladder to kick his ass.

Hali is 6 months old. She can sit, shake, roll over and stay. I think she is the most brilliant puppy ever born but then I'm her grandma and that is how grandma's think. She is much smarter than her brothers and sisters, and I'm sure she's cuter, too. This picture was taken right after her very first hair cut at the beauty parlor. Her hobbies include: playing ball, playing tug of war with her rope, alerting Amanda to any approaching danger and being spoiled rotten. She has never met her Uncle Lorenzo or her Aunt Ashleigh and I think we'll probably keep it that way.



Anonymous Tori said...

Look! It's cute and cuter!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous s t a c i said...

OMGosh...she is ADORABLE. She looks like the kind of dog who enjoys having her photo taken, too. (Isn't that what grandma's want?)


5:25 AM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Awww...look how cute my guy and my littel girl are! It took Hali all of about five minutes before she looked like a scraggle muffin again.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Mother said...

Cute and cuter just about covers it! 'Cept I would say Mike is nice, considerate, helpful, and probably many more things that Hali could never actually be.

2:52 PM  

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