Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grevious Personal lnjuries June 2007

Last week I met up with my mom so we could go see our favorite local band, "Suave'". We've been following them from park to festival, from celebration to swap meets for the last couple of years. They are a cover band and they play a middle of the road
style of music such as selections from Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, Michael Jackson and Al Green. They also play a few Mexican songs. I have to admit that I'd never thought I hear myself saying this but I enjoy these Mexican songs. I have no idea what they are saying but the lyrics seem light hearted and fun and the crowd loves to dance to them. The band has two lead singers, (a guy and a girl), a small horn line, a couple of guitar players, a key board player and a drummer. In all I think there are 10 people up on stage. However.. the main reason I go to see this band again and again is:

This is one of the lead singers and his name is Devin. He. Is. So. Cute. He sings his heart out and he dances up a storm. He used to have long hair and I almost had a heart attack when I saw him last week. Why, oh why would he cut his hair? This picture does not do him justice. I must have taken 100 pictures of him and this is the best one and it is actually pretty crummy. I have a theory on why I couldn't take a good picture that night....

My mom and I got there early enough that we were able to park our chairs right in the front row. In all the times we've seen them we've always been off to the side or towards the back. They draw a very big crowd and I wouldn't dream of trying to cut in front of any of their familia. (I grew up in the mean streets of La Puente. I had to learn something..!) Before the band actually started to play they were doing a sound check. I figured I had plenty of time to go to the coffee shop and get my mom and myself an iced coffee drink. This sounds like an easy task, right? Well, for those of you reading this who don't know me very well...I have quite the propensity for tripping. In public. In front of God and everyone. See the picture below:

This is what I tripped over. No, not the big, obvious hazard that says "CAUTION" in big huge letters....that is for amateurs. I tripped over the 1/2 of a milimeter of uneven-ness where the grey cement meets the green cement. Only a skilled ballerina such as myself could trip over such a minor exposure. Was I wearing 4 inch high heeled peek-a-boo pumps that would surely assist in the tripping factor? No, I was wearing these sexy numbers:

When I tripped I landed on my hands and knees which is a very, very attractive stance for a woman of my age, especially in a public place. And just to make it even more embarrassing I almost landed in the lap of another Suave' fan. As I scrambled to get up and put on my, "I meant to do that" face I noticed that the sound check people had played a clip from the song "Low Rider" that goes: "Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with meeee". I'm sorry to say that I saw no humor in that particular display of immaturity. (When I'm injured my sense of humor goes right out the window. That's normal, right?)

By the time the show was over and I dropped my mom off and drove the 45 minute drive home, this is what my knees looked like:

Yesterday my entire knee was a brilliant shade of purple and today it is mostly green. It's almost as pretty as the peacocks from yesterdays post.

I'll close this post with a picture of a woman who has to have more self esteem in her little finger than I have in my whole body. This woman was dancing directly in front of me at the Suave' show. She was wearing a scarf and jeans.



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