Thursday, June 21, 2007

Odd & Ends

Midwife Lorenzo, medicine man, has always loved having a club house. Here he is as a toddler hanging out in an office trash can.

(Lorenzo has that same look on his face in this picture as he does in the last one. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to take pictures without a flash unless I want him to have that very same look in every shot.)
A couple of weeks ago I brought home a new wicker table. When I brought it home I put it on the floor upside down. Here, Ashleigh and Lorenzo share the club house. Ashleigh only stayed in there for less than a minute. I thought I was going to have to serve Renzo his dinner in there. He only got out because I wanted to put the table in the living room and not directly in the path of the front door. After looking at these totally cute pictures you are going to wonder how I can possibly accuse either one of these precious darlings of doing this:

One of them customized my brand new, yet apparently boring, black sandal. I hadn't even taken the tags off of these shoes yet and now they are full of bite marks. You can also clearly see white fur on the strap. Coincidence? I doubt it. Do you think I could take them back to Kohls and swear to them that they were like this when I bought them? Maybe Kohls has a rat problem like that KFC in New York. It could happen.

And in closing I would like to share with you two new pictures in my ongoing "Free Paint" expose'...

I have to point out that there is a Mercedes and a BMW at this house. Apparently the home owners spent all of their money on luxury cars and didn't have any money left over for paint.

And these pictures weren't even taken in La Puente! These lovely shots were taken in Monrovia.

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