Friday, June 15, 2007

Bob Vila has no competition at my house

The other day I came home from work and immediately noticed the smell of paint thinner. Whoo hoo! That could only mean one thing; Andrew had finally risen to the occasion and applied paint to one of my walls. I saw that the bathroom trash can was in the hallway so I figured that had to be the room with the fresh paint. I gleefully skipped down the hallway and this is what I saw:
A caulking gun, a tube of caulking, a couple of extension cords, two drills, a scraper, blue masking tape, a paint stir-er that goes on a drill and a yellow can of something.

Lorenzo doing his best Carrol Merril job at showing you the items close up.

There were no paint brushes or paint cans. No containers of paint thinner, either. I thought a miracle had occurred and Andrew had actually cleaned up after himself, but as I searched the room I couldn't help but notice that there was no fresh paint. Any where.

Surely with all of these tools laying around something of the home improvement genre had to have taken place.

It took me a minute or two but I finally found the accomplishment that had required the making of such a mess:

For those of you unfamiliar with all that is hardware...these are the brackets to which you attach the toilet paper holder.

Am I wrong to wonder how in God's name Andrew managed to create such a mess and yet accomplish so little?



Anonymous hannah said...

your surpirsed by that???

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Mother said...

That is his Hallmark!! He has accompolished less and left more in my garage and back yard. One of these days.....I pray, one of these days....he'll care enough to follow through.

11:41 AM  

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