Thursday, July 05, 2007

You're not the boss of me....

After reading my previous post you will know that I attempted to bathe my kitties last weekend then I abandoned them and left the house for the rest of the day.

When I came home later that night I very quietly went in to my bedroom to check and make sure no one had died from bath trauma. Imagine my dismay when I discovered this:

I went to the living room and looked in the closet. Empty. I looked in the kitchen cupboard where they were born. Empty. I looked in the bathroom cabinet. Empty. There was only one place left and voila. There they were. Under my bed. In the most precarious position possible. Just like the terrorist that she is, Ashleigh put the babies right around one of the wheels of the bed frame so that there was no way I could roll the bed away from the wall.
"Try to bathe me and my children will you? One of these days you are going to figure out who the boss is around here and boy won't you be shocked to discover it isn't YOU!"



Anonymous Mother said...

Poor just keep annoying her and she just wants you to "bug"off! How is the flea situation now?

8:22 PM  

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