Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kitten relocation Jakey style....

(This was at Tori's house with Anna's kittens, not at my house with Ashleigh's kittens.)

Jakey was playing with the kittens and he was dragging them all over the house. Mother and I kept telling him to put them back with their mama. Of course he would not listen. This went on and on all weekend. One time he had a kitten wrapped up in his shirt and I told him that he needed to put the kitten back with it’s mama so it could stay warm. I didn't watch him and I assumed that he had put it back in Hannah’s room. A little while later I heard a very muted “mew?” I looked at Mother and she looked at me. I heard another “mew?” and it wasn't coming from the room where the kittens were supposed to be.It sounded like it was coming from the bonus room which is totally opposite of where the kittens were supposed to be. I walked toward the bonus room and as I was opening the door I heard “mew?” again. I looked down and discovered that Jake had put the kitten inside Hannah’s pink Ugg boot that was in the living room closet. It was pretty much stuffed in there. Since I pick my battles I decided that I was happy that Jake had put the kitty in the boot face up.



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