Monday, June 04, 2007

Oohh, look how pictures...

My sister just gave me this baby picture of Ashleigh and Lorenzo. Ashleigh was the only grey baby in her litter. And I'm certain that the one who is hugging her in this picture is Lorenzo. He still likes to hug her but she is no longer quite so receptive to his snuggling. In fact Ashleigh and Lorenzo have been having knock down drag out fights in the last couple of weeks. There is screaming, fur flying, growling and they are relentless. Ashleigh will hide under the couch because Lorenzo can't fit under there to get at her..but she won't stay hidden. She will stay under there for maybe 1 whole minute. And it's not like she is fooled in to thinking the coast is clear. No, Lorenzo is right there, sidled up to the edge of the couch swinging his paws under the ruffle trying to nab anything he can find. One would think that with Lorenzo being so much bigger than Ashleigh poor Ashey would be torn to shreds. Uh,no. Lorenzo has cuts and bites all over his face and Ashleigh is un-scarred.

I think I know why Ashleigh has made such a turn around in her personality. It is with my head hung low that I have to admit that one of the wild nights on the town apparently Ashleigh ran off and got married and now she's pregnant. I don't know for sure but I think her husband shipped out to Iraq shortly after their wedding. I know I should have pre-empted this situation but I didn't and now we have an unplanned pregnancy on our hands.

When I take them out in the stroller, I swear in my minds eye I see Lorenzo dressed in a striped polo shirt and denim shorts and white sweat sox and tennis shoes. Ashleigh is wearing a flowered sundress and a cute pair of sandals with a flower on the toe. I thought they were just toddlers. Apparently my minds eye needs to realize that they are now both shopping from the Fredricks of Hollywood catalog instead of Babies R Us.

"I'd like a little peace and quiet while I'm gestating if you don't mind!"

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Anonymous Tori said...

I'm gonna be a great grandma! Who'd a thunk it!!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Oh wow...yeah...I got my cats fixed as soon as I could. Those urges kicked in WAY early and my girl cat couldn't escape by boy cats "urges". Keep us posted!

7:01 PM  

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