Friday, October 20, 2006

100 things about me

1. I am left handed.
2. I hate to cook.
3. I love to read autobiographies, but if one isn’t handy the side of a cereal box will do.
4. I think music, flowers and love are truly gifts from God.
5. My little fingers are so crooked that when put side by side they actually form a Y
6. Most of my teeth are capped or were capped before the caps fell off.
7. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 14 years old.
8. I generally don’t make my bed.
9. I like to crochet but I can only make blankets or scarves because I refuse to learn how to read a pattern.
10. I like to write letters.
11. My hair is neither straight nor curly. I refer to it as being wrinkled.
12. I have had bags under my eyes since I was about 4 years old.
13. I have seen Elton John, Todd Rundgren & Jackson Browne perform so many times that it’s like seeing an old friend when ever I see them.
14. I lived in the very same house for my first 18 years of life.
15. From 18 on I have moved on the average of once every 3 years.
16. My twin sister and I share a birthday with Liza Minelli.
17. When I go to the cemetery to visit my family’s grave sites I honestly feel that I can get my thoughts conveyed to my dead relatives by telepathy.
18. I never pay for flowers at the cemetery. I take them from the side of the crematorium.
19. The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen was when I saw Rebekah being born.
20. When watching the above event, my sobbing became the sound track of the video tape.
21. My favorite color is pink.
22. My least favorite color is chartreuse.
23. I used to love high, high heeled shoes.
24. Now I find myself not buying shoes because they are not flat enough to suit me.
25. I love being a size 4.
26. When I was sick and afraid that I was going to die my biggest regret was that I didn’t think I’d gotten to dance enough.
27. Just thinking about chemo makes me nauseated.
28. Now I can’t stop thinking about chemo.
29. My favorite flower is a white daisy.
30. I am personally offended by smog.
31. When I was younger my bedroom was painted orange, by my request.
32. Kraft Mac N Cheese rules!
33. I dye my hair in an effort to disguise the grey.
34. I would love to have a house where all of my furniture matched.
35. Stacks of paper with more than one staple in them bother me much more than it should.
36. I drink far too much diet coke.
37. I hate going to the dentist so much that it makes my heart pound.
38. I am completely convinced that there are no children on earth cuter than my nieces and nephews. Seriously.
39. My mother is my pillar of strength.
40. I love to go to the movies and will pretty much sit through even the worst movie ever because I am always certain that it will get better.
41. When I was younger I loved to roller skate, but I think now that if I skated it would result in broken bones or loss of teeth.
41. I wish I could sing.
42. I hate to drive.
43. I love house plants.
44. I love my kittens.
45. I hate when my kittens get in to my house plants.
46. I think that all walls should be painted white.
47. I love to sleep in.
48. I love to be on the ocean.
49. Hawaii really IS paradise.
50. I can’t cut in a straight line.
51. My second toes are longer than my big toes and they are crooked.
52. I have an answer for everything.
53. I am a lot more spiritual than people know.
54. 99% of my work clothes are black.
55. I always refer to Keanu Reeves as “MY Keanu”.
56. Avocados and chocolate are in a tie for my favorite food.
57. I love red wine, but would rather dehydrate than drink white wine.
58. I have a huge thing about my pillows or blankets touching the floor.
59. I have never been able to wake right up and spring out of bed with a song in my heart.
60. I love nick names.
61. When I was little I slept with so many dolls and stuffed animals that there was no room for me to roll over.
62. My sister is the funniest person I know.
63. I have over 100 pairs of socks.
64. I simply do not understand the fuss about Bruce Springsteen.
65. I think they should do medical testing on prison inmates.
66. When I was younger I thought I was too skinny, then I immediately went to being too fat. I’ve never been happy with my weight.
67. I am fascinated by drag queens.
68. I have had something removed from my right eyelid, my right thigh, my right breast and my right foot. Do you see a pattern?
69. I have always wanted to be a teacher.
70. Making people laugh is my favorite thing.
71. I am allergic to cats, pollen, cigarette smoke, bird dander, rabbit fur, wool, cashmere, alpaca, grass & nylon.
72. I almost always try to be nice.
73.I love to take pictures.
74. I love to walk the track.
75. I don’t mind doing laundry but I hate having to put it away.
76. I went for over 10 years without going into a pool or ocean water.
77. More often than not, people think I’m weird and have no problem telling me this.
78. I am hard of hearing.
79. I love ginger.
80. If I had a son I’d like to name him Ethan.
81. But instead I have kittens named Ashleigh and Lorenzo.
82. Lorenzo is deaf.
83. I love babies.
84. I am drawn to people who can make me laugh.
85. My eyelashes tend to fall out.
86. I have a lisp but I don’t hear it until I hear my voice on a recording and then I vow I will never speak again.
87. I have always wanted to be taller.
88. My mom is the best cook in the world.
89. I’m addicted to the internet game, “Bespelled”.
90. I am good at trivia games.
91. I love Christmas trees.
92. No matter what the temperature is…if there is a fire in the fire place I will stand in front of it until my pant legs are just about on fire.
93. Being really cold usually makes me furious.
94. Right now the only thing in my refrigerator is a stick of butter and one caffeine free diet coke.
95. I have friends that I’ve had for over 25 years and I love them.
96. My neck hurts 99.99% of the time.
97. I don’t like it when window blinds are not even and I will fix them even if they are not mine.
98. I will not hold the stair rail because it’s too germy.
99. When I was in college taking a ballet class my teacher once told me that I had perfect point and made the whole class come and look at my foot close up.
100. To know me is to know my love for Jackson Browne.



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I think you've hit the nail on the head!!

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