Monday, November 06, 2006

Fond memories of a day at the mall with Jennifer Emily, my long legged red headed cat

Our mall used to have a "Picture People" photography studio that produced quality photo's in 1 hour. (Yeah, quality.) Every year they would have a pet picture contest where you could bring in any pet and they'd take the picture for free. You would get a package of prints for free and they would display all of the pictures they took and anyone who wanted could pay $1.00 to vote for the cutest picture and the money went to the local animal shelter. The pictures were all adorable. There were pictures of little kids in overalls standing next to a baby cow, there were pictures of baby's with a whole herd of puppies, there were snakes and rats and guinea pigs and I even remember one of a donkey! My twin sister and I took my mom's cat in and had her picture taken and it turned out as cute as it could possibly be. We took my sister's cat and we had the same results. No problems what so ever. I decided that I really, really wanted to bring my precious princess in to have her picture taken. My kitty, Jennifer, was a spoiled rotten weenie, and "nice" was not usually a word included in descriptions of her. (Unless I was the one doing the describing. Jennifer loved me and me only, everyone else could go to hell as far as she was concerned and she had no problem whatsoever getting that sentiment across.)

Somehow I wrangled her into the cat carrier and drove her to the mall. As soon as we got inside the Macy's she started yowling. This brought a lot of attention to her. Jennifer didn't like attention so what did she do? She pooped. (And not just a little bit.) And just for good measure she pee'd, too. So here I am walking though Macy's Department store with cat who is yowling her head off and is also smelling up the joint. I thought I would just clean everything up as soon as we got to the picture place and then that is when I felt the cat pee running down MY leg. Strangers were sympathetic to Jennifer's yowling and many attempted to console her but once they got within smelling distance of her they all backed off. I've never been more proud. Of course there was not a single place in the mall between Macy's and the picture place where I could get a napkin so I just went as fast as I could to the picture place and went straight into their restroom. I got Jennifer out of the carrier and she was covered in pee. I did my best to clean her off and get the carrier rinsed off. I came out of the restroom carrying her and I told the photographer that I really, really needed to be next. I'm sure when they saw the wet cat they thought I was insane for wanting to have her photographed but they saw the look in Jennifer's eyes and agreed to let me go next. The next 5 minutes were a blur, but needless to say Jennifer refused to channel her inner Kate Moss so we called it a day and went home. The next day I went back to collect my pictures and lo and behold there were 4 poses. All of them action shots. Out of the 4 poses you can almost see her face in one shot, and the other 3 were all of her from the shoulders down escaping off of the table. I thought all of the pictures were hysterical and was bitterly disappointed when my mom and sister refused to frame them and hang them in their living rooms.
Rest in peace my little Fenny Fen. I miss you every day.



Anonymous Mother said...

I've heard this story before and as does most of your writing, it still amuses me totally. I've witnessed Jennifer being a brat and I also know how much she loved you. It's fun to rememeber all her qualities, good and bad.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Mother said...

Jennifer Emily was a brat! Tami was the only one that could handle her and Jennifer loved her to pieces as did Muffin. Those crazy cats ate the same food as Tami and she's a vegetarian!

6:04 PM  

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