Monday, July 20, 2009

Surprize part 3

On Friday morning we got up bright and early and made it out of the hotel at the crack of 1:00 PM. (My sister's children are NOT early risers. As a matter of fact we could have easily left in the morning when me and my mom and Tori woke up, did our running around and come back and they would all still be asleep.) We dragged them out of bed and threw them in the showers and they came out smelling sweet and fresh as daisies.

After the showers Rebek was brushing her hair and putting on her makeup...that is until Jake decided that he could do a better job.

Believe it or not Rebekah convinced Jake that since she let him put make up on her it was only fair that she get to put make up in him.

We adults tried to sit around and drink coffee but there were only 4 coffee cups in the suite and the kids had used them all the night before. We are not above washing our own dishes however there was no dish soap in our kitchenette. I looked through the cupboards and found that there were no more coffee cups. Not only that but I also saw that there were not nearly enough wine/beverage glasses for our pending surprise party. I called housekeeping and had them bring us additional coffee cups but I also wrote a note to leave for the maids asking them to bring us enough glasses to accommodate 20 people for a "SURPRISE" party. And I specified that I needed the glasses to be put away in the cupboards because it was a "SURPRISE" party.

When we were walking out the door as luck would have it the maids were working on the room right next to ours so I lingered behind as the rest of the family went to the elevator and I spoke to the maid and asked her to bring us enough cups for about 20 people for a SURPRISE party and I asked her to make sure they were put away so they wouldn't be obvious. I even gave her the note I had written so that she would know that this was in preparation for a SURPRISE paryt. She said ok and I thought I had everything under control.

We went to a mall and shopped until the boys couldn't take it anymore. I can't really blame them..we held them captive at the Victoria's Secret Super Sale for a couple of hours and they behaved very well. Rebekah and Hannah scored a couple of nice things but I didn't get anything because A. they don't sell mastectomy bras and B. anything else I found that I wanted wasn't on sale. I don't do a lot of shopping at Victoria's Secret...

After we had all the fun we could have at the mall we took the kids to Lego Land. The last hour of the day they allow everyone to get in for free. We were very fortunate in that they let us in almost an hour and a half early.

We went on quite a few rides and the boys had a blast. Lego Land is a very nice little amusement park. The foliage is lush and beautiful. We saw a hibiscus plant that had flowers that were HUGE:

We were able to see a lot of Lego Land in the little time that we got to spend there. We had to leave when they closed the park and I'm glad it was time to go because I had just about had enough walking around. (Mono. The gift that keeps on giving.)

We left Lego Land and then spent a couple of hours at a "Ross" department store. We girls all love to shop at "Ross" and Paul and Jake are always happy when they can play grab ass in a shopping cart. The shopping trip was a success. I think we all got something and the boys managed not to knock over any displays or cripple any innocent bystanders. We were all starving so we headed over to our favorite restaurant in the greater Solana Beach area; "Pizza Nova". They have the best garlic bread and pesto pasta ever. We all inhaled our dinner and just to make things official Jake picked up his drink by the lid and of course the lid became unattached from the cup which resulted in both he and me being covered in Dr. Pepper. Jake was wearing the knights costume he got at Lego Land and he very kindly put on a show for the other people who were also eating on the patio. Never underestimate the ability of a small child to tell a tale when they are outfitted like a knight and they have a wooden shield and a plastic sword.

When we got back to the hotel Tori and I almost had a heart attack. When we got inside our suite we were greeted with a virtual sea of glassware. There were over 50 glasses all displayed on the bar in our little kitchenette. We all just did our best to ignore the imaginary neon light that said "SURPRISE PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT" that was flashing over the glasses. What part of "please make sure to put the glasses away in the cupboards" did they not understand?

Thankfully my mother was blissfully unaware of why we were given so many glasses. I think she just thought that every suite gets a deluge of stemware and ours just happened to arrive a day late.

The next morning we pretty much went through our same routine. By the time we got out of the hotel it was past lunch time and we were all starving. Our priority was trying to find someplace new and exotic to eat. Because we are all adventurous and carefree...we wound up eating at Subway. I guess that's just the way we roll. With a vegetarian and a 1/2, and a man child that can mow through expensive cuisine we were much better off going to a place where we knew that we could get something for everyone on the cheap.

We still had to pick up a few things for the party so we made some excuse as to why we had to hit up a grocery store. Tori and the kids held my mother hostage at a bagel shop while I literally ran through Ralph's throwing wine and soda and chips into my cart. When they left the bagel shop Hannah sent me a text to let me know that they were on their way in so I parked my cart off in a corner and ran to greet them at the door. As luck would have it the grocery store was having a "cake walk" and I rushed everyone over so they could participate. I ran back to my cart and paid for my goods and then went and put everything in the back of the truck. I made it back to the cake walk and I'm sure I was red in the face and sweating but my mom didn't even notice. Oh, and P.S. Tori won a cake! How nice of Ralph's to provide us with a birthday cake!

Ok, this brings us to the evening of the party and this story will be my next post.



Blogger Kathy said...

Great tip about Legoland! I've been wanting to take Shelby but can't see how you could spend the whole day there. Can't wait to hear how the party went!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Big Hair Envy said...

Hi, Tanu! Just catching up here. Looks like you had a wonderful vacay with the family....can't wait to hear about the surprise party!

Glad to hear you are feeling better! Any word on Willow?

1:19 PM  
Blogger Jason, as himself said...

I love those pics at the beginning--so cute together, so much affection. Hope it lasts!

8:30 PM  
Blogger Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

Hi Tami! It was so nice meeting and chatting with you on Saturday night! Do you Twitter or FB? If you do please add me!! Looking forward to chatting!

BTW I'm so glad that you were able to find the Legoland info useful!

12:23 AM  

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