Monday, August 11, 2008

"Hey it's good to be back home, again...." (Quoting John Denver)

Tori and I landed in LAX Saturday. I have several hundred pictures to go through before I start posting in detail about our trip but I will give the bullet points for now.

*We flew from LAX to Chicago, then Chicago to London. All four legs of the flight were smooth and comfortable. We had first class seats for the domestic end and business class for our over seas flight. Being able to lay down on a long airplane ride is a true joy.

*It rained every day of our trip. But it was mostly what we call a "Hawaii rain". It would rain but then be dry in 5 minutes. A couple of times we got caught in down pours with no umbrella and wound up with our hoodies soaked through to the skin.

*We took the Eurostar to Paris. Tori and I both survived our 27 minutes under the sea. (

*We stayed at the Hilton in Paris. We had a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower from our balcony. (

*We took a segway tour of Paris. It was pretty much the funnest thing we've ever done. (

*We went to the Musee' D'Orsay and saw "Whistler's Mother" and many other famous works of art. (

*We can confirm that most foreign countrymen have no regard for personal hygiene or personal space.

*We had 4th row seats to "Wicked" and Tori and I were completely enthralled but the International Man of Mystery fell asleep during the last half of the show.

*We went shopping at Harrod's and Tori got in trouble for taking pictures. However, when I post my pictures you will see that we took several before getting in trouble.(

*We had dinner at "The Goring Hotel". It was quite fancy. Their chandeliers are made of Swarovsky crystal. (

*We walked across at least 8 bridges in several different cities and then found out that we had crossed the same body of water over and over.

*We took a cruise along the Thames.

*We took a train to Windsor and saw the Windsor Castle. We also saw Eaton University where Prince William and Prince Harry attended. (

*We took a train to Cardiff, Wales. We saw the Cardiff Castle. (

Give me some time to go through my pictures and I will get them posted and hopefully by then all of my stories will have come to the surface and I'll be able to write them down in their complete versions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did, we did! We did all that and more!!
I am lucky I didn't wind up in the Harrods pokey!
Quick piece of advice for anyone planning a stay at the Paris Hilton...DO NOT take the bar tenders advice when he wants to suggest a drink for you! He will sneak fresh mint under the raspberries!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

so this train under the does that work? Can you see out windows? Did your ears pop? Tell me more...please...
hee stayed at Paris Hilton.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Tami W. said...


The Eurostar train goes under the water in a tunnel so you can see out the window but it is pitch black. The train goes through several tunnels but only one of them is under water. The only way you know that you are under water is because your ears pop. And pop. And pop some more.

Yeah, I thought it was funny that we stayed at the Paris Hilton. I think she would be embarassed to see how dowdy the room decor is in her namesake hotel.....

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you two had such a marvelous time and I can hardly wait to see the pics. I like how you put the web sites for each of the places you visited. I'll have to do that with the "famous places" I visited while in Ohio!!!!


12:00 AM  

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