Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nort Report

Last night we were able to bring Nort home. When we picked her up at the Westminster hospital she seemed a little sedate. By the time we had finished learning how to give her all of her medications she had fallen asleep and was resting peacefully.

When we got in to the car she snoozed and stretched on my lap. I figured that after all she had been through that she was exhausted and I did what I could to let her sleep. (Andrew's KORN retrospective playing on the cd player didn't really help, but she managed to sleep anyway.)

I stayed in the car with her for about 45 minutes so that she could get as much rest as possible before everyone else started coming around sniffing at her and trying to figure out where she had been and what she had been up to. I stroked her belly and she purred. She looked at me with winky eyes and went back to sleep.

I gently brought her in to the house and layed her and her towel down on the couch. I turned to put my purse down and when I got back to the couch...Nort was not on her towel. She wasn't even on the couch. She was running for the food bowl. The vet said that he wanted her to eat a little bit several times a day so I knew that it was ok for her to dine. She ate like a ferocious tiger until I took the plate away from her. I thought she would relax and digest but what do I know? Before I had straightened up from taking the plate away Nort had found a jingle ball and was playing soccer with it down the hallway.

Throughout the rest of the evening I had to take her off of high places approximately 100 times. I had to fish her out of the refrigerator and also remind her that litter boxes are not hiding places. This kitty spent the evening playing with everything she could find and when she couldn't find anything to play with I swear she dreamt things up! All of the adult kitties took turns licking her and trying to clean her. I truly think they were trying to get her to settle down but they were all as successful as I was in this department.

I took her to bed with me hoping that being in a warm dark bed would cause her to relax and sleep. However my head had barely hit the pillow before she was off and running.

She got two doses of medicine this morning and if I come home and don't find both doses on the carpet when I get home I will be amazed.



Blogger Margaret said...

Yeah for Nort feeling better!!!!

But I have to ask.... "fish her out of the refrigerator"??? She gets in the fridge???

4:45 PM  
Blogger Tami W. said...


When I open the refrigerator door she leaps right in and runs to the very back of it. I hardly have anything in there so it's not a difficult gauntlet. I have no idea why she likes it in there because obviously it's cold but she darts in there every time I open the door.

4:55 PM  

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