Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To Nana from Ashey and Renzo

Dear Nana,
Yesterday Mama brought home a brand new toy for us. It is big. It is pink. It has wheels. It has a cup holder. It's a KITTY STROLLER! It's official. Mama is truly a Crazy Cat Lady in good standing.

Ok Renzo, stop jabbering...tell Nana to look at the picture of me standing on top of the stroller. I look just like Rin Tin Tin.

Now that your finished looking at Rin Tin Ashtin...look at me... I know where you are supposed to sit.

You think you are so smart. Ohh, look I can see my tail up on the right side of the picture. I have the prettiest tail in all the land....

Mom took us for a long walk after we helped her put the stroller together. I sat on Mama's back while Ash ran across the room with the directions in her mouth. I knew Mama was getting stressed and I tried to calm her down by biting her head but I don't think it worked. When the stroller was all put together I jumped right in. I'm always looking for a new place to shed. Ashey didn't want to get in at first but Mama got her in and zipped it up real fast so she couldn't get out.

Yeah, and then Mama just about killed all of us trying to get the stroller down the steps. I almost had to scratch her.

We went all over the park and we got to feel the wind in our whiskers. We could smell what everyone was cooking for dinner and we held our noses real high in the air so we could really get a good whiff.

I got a good whiff alright and it wasn't anyone cooking dinner....

ASH-EY! SHUT. UP. You know what happens when Mama makes me eat that expensive canned kitten food...It's not my fault. MAMA, make her stop.

Renzo is a stinky butt! Renzo is a stinky butt! Renzo is


Thanks a lot, ASHEY!

You're welcome, Stinky Butt.

(She'll never find me here in my new super secret hiding spot under the stroller...)

Ashleigh & Lorenzo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love when the kitties are guest bloggers!
Is Renzo secure enough in his masculinity to ride around the beach in a hot pink stroller?

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Mother said...

I can't believe that Renzo wasn't embarrased riding in a pink stroller! Just wait til you take them for a ride on the pier and they smell the fish.....

7:58 PM  

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