Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Someone's gonna have to explain it to me**

Last Friday when I got home I had two unexpected guests sitting out in front of my house. I always welcome guests to my humble home but I couldn't get these two to come inside. Go Figure.

The water they were floating in was at the very most 1 inch deep. After seeing this picture, Tori and I decided that they were curling their little webbed feeties up underneath their bodies and simply wiggling their toes to navigate this puddle. They were both very friendly and didn't appear to be afraid of me. It struck me as funny that there was a swimming pool about 30 yards north of this puddle and the entire Pacific Ocean about 50 yards south yet they chose to hang out at my house and they appeared to be very content with their choice. The puddle was in a spot where Ashleigh and Lorenzo couldn't see them or I'm sure Donald & Daisy would have opted for the swimming pool. (when I was deciding what to name this cute couple I did a google search for fictional ducks...would you believe there are 91 fictional ducks from which to choose? The only two fictional ducks that I could find that were dating/mated/married were Donald & Daisy.)

This may sound silly but when events like this happen I feel like God did this on purpose just to make me smile. It wasn't much, but, coming home to find two ducks trying to float in 1 inch of run off rain water in front of my house was fun. They are such beautiful creatures. The sun was shining on their iridescent feathers and they were so calm and peaceful as they sat for their pictures.

Then when I got inside my house any and all thoughts of peacefulness went right out the window. Aside from the usual things strewn around the house I discovered this:

Please notice that their feeding dish was completely full to the brim yet they still had to claw their way in to the bag of food as if they had been starved to death. Why do they do this? Is it their ancestry coming back to them...they feel that they need to tear something apart before they eat it...was it because the food in the bag was fresher....is it that they like to eat paper with their food...what? I just don't get it.

And then this:

Ashleigh and Lorenzo both think that laundry baskets full of clean laundry are for their sleeping and dancing pleasure. Their kitty bed sits empty in the back ground while Ashleigh does the cha-cha on my clean laundry. Ashleigh had just finished watching in amazement as I scoured the sink with Ajax. Did I say "watching"? I meant participating. No matter how many times I attempted to discourage her she insisted on putting her foot in the sink. When it looked like that wasn't going to work she turned around and her tail "accidently" "fell" in to the sink. When I tried to get the Ajax off of her tail she ran off and jumped in to the laundry basket. It was easier to take a picture of her than it would have been to try to catch her and get the cleanser off of her. I can only hope she doesn't get sick and die when she cleans it off of herself.

**Opening line to Jackson Browne's song, "Ready or Not".



Anonymous Mother said...

Their step grandmother doesn't chew the bag so we can't explain it either! Maybe you should keep the food in a cupboard or fridge... Kitties just can't help being curious....you know the old saying??!!

7:56 PM  

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