Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Long lost post....

This post was written way back in March when I was participating in the weekly questions posted for bloggers who needed something to write about. I did a few of them but got no comments or feedback so I stopped using that format...but as I go through my archives I hate to leave anything I've written unpublished so here goes.....

Do you like or dislike change?

Getting a new job or rearranging the furniture, taking a different route to work...that kind of change I enjoy. I color my hair and that is always an adventure in change. For some reason my hair is never the same color two times in a row. If I didn't enjoy change something like that would have probably driven me nuts by now. However, I am the person who has had "Million Dollar Red" finger nails for over 10 years. I am the one who will go to The Spaghetti Factory and order the "manager's special" every single time. If a family gathering takes place and my mom doesn't make macaroni salad I am bent out of shape for days. I hate looking like I don't have a firm opinion on this subject so after giving it much thought I decided if I had to chose between being stuck in a rut, day after day, week after week, or have my life be a whirl wind of change...I'd take the change. And just to show that I'm serious I just might walk out of the nail salon with PINK finger nails next time. I don't know if my mom, the QUEEN of routine, will be able to handle it. Have the oxygen ready.

How many times in your life had you had a broken heart?

There is a line in a song where the singer is talking about having his heart broken in 56 places. I have used that quote many, many times in regard to my own heart being broken. I was an emotional, moody child. My demeanor was only slightly better as a teenager. My heart got broken on a daily basis. As a child it was the big things that got to me; not getting my way...having to go to bed... somebody making fun of me...yeah, the big things. Then as I got older and my interest in boys grew...THAT'S when I really knew what a broken heart felt like. The fact that I wore my heart on my sleeve made it very accessible for breaking purposes. Instead of making this entry a "who's who" list I will just say that I've had my heart broken many times and it does not get any easier with age. In fact I actually think it gets harder. The last time my heart was broken it was broken in to such little shards and tiny pieces that I don't know if it will ever all get put back together completely. I truly hope my last heart break is, in fact, my last heart break.

Name a book that you'd like to see made in to a movie

Every book I read, as soon as I have embraced all of the characters and settings, I immediately cast the movie in my head. I wish every book I read was made in to a movie. I have read all of Janet Evanovich "Stephanie Plum" novels. I have a circle of friends who have also read them and we played a game where we wrote down who we would like to see play all of the recurring characters. It was amazing in that we all chose the same person to play the lead character, Stephanie Plum. Sandra Bullock was our unanimous winner. It was also amazing in that not one of us chose the same person to play any of the other characters! If anyone who reads this blog also reads "Stephanie Plum" books, let me know who you've cast as Stephanie, Grandma, Lula, Ranger, and Morelli.

If you could thank one teacher for what they taught you who would it be and what would you thank them for?
I think this will come as a shock to those who have known me since high school. Most people will assume that this post would be all about Mr. Smith, my journalism teacher. He did teach me a lot including how to maintain my dignity at an awards ceremony where I was not given any awards. I digress... This post will be about my drama teacher, Mrs. Harrelson. She was the only teacher in my life who allowed me to be me and she celebrated me. Even though I spoke up in all of my classes I was never encouraged to let the guard down and just be me. In drama I was not a stand out student. I wasn't fond of learning dialog or reciting poems or attempting to choreograph dance scenes..however...when our class got to the "Improve" section, I. ROCKED. THE. HOUSE. I stood up in front of my classmates and I made them laugh. Somehow it happened again and again. It wasn't a fluke. I was funny. Mrs. Harrelson said that she had never been so shocked. While I was never a wall flower I was not one of the typical drama students who idolized the rock band "Queen" nor did I live in the drama room or attempt to date Bobby Oliver. It was a wonderful new awakening and I'm very sorry that I waited until my junior year to take the class. So, thank you Mrs. Harrelson, for laughing at/with me and for celebrating me.

If someone made a statue of you, in which pose would you like to be?.

I would like to be in the following pose: completely ensconced in Jackson Browne's arms with him peering lovingly in to my eyes. And I would have to insist that we posed for the statue for hours and hours and hours just like they did in the old days. If Jackson Browne isn't available then My Keanu will do just fine. That sounds like so much more fun than a typical Tami pose. A typical Tami pose would be with my hands on my hips and one hip cocked out of joint and my eyes rolling in disbelief.

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Anonymous Mother said...

I thoroughly enjoyed all of thes responses! I even learned some things about you that i didn't know! I think you should continue answering these questions...but then, maybe I'm the only one that wants to hear more....Anybody else???? Comments????

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