Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random pictures of randomness and a conversation with Dave

In the last couple of years I have gotten in to the habit of always carrying my camera with me. It used to be convenient because I carried a purse the size of a small suit case and my camera was about the size of my hand. However..I upgraded earlier this year and now I carry a smaller purse, (in case you missed the birthday post..I have a beautiful "Coach" bag that I will probably carry for the next 40 years.), and I got a better camera, which is quite a bit bigger than the one I had previously. So where as before I could easily whip my camera out of my purse and quietly take I usually have to pull my rather cumbersome key chain, wallet and brush out of my purse in order to get to my camera. Sometimes the Kodak moment passes before I can get my camera turned on and focused and I have learned that when my nieces and nephews do something cute they hate to be asked to do it again so Momo can get a picture.

Today's pictures have no connection...they are just random shots of things that I have found interesting.

This first picture is one I've seen taken from several locations. California is on fire. The mountains (Arrowhead and Big Bear) are burning, inland of the ocean is burning, (Santa Ana, Tustin and Ladera Ranch), and ocean front property is burning, (Malibu). This picture was taken on Monday morning, October 22 at about 7:00 in the morning at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Brookhurst in the city of Huntington Beach. To the right of this picture is the ocean. Even though the Santa Ana winds are blowing like crazy this icky brown cloud just hung there like it was stuck on something. Even the inside of my house smells like a forest fire. There is soot on everything. My kitchen and bathroom sinks have enough soot on them that you can write in it and I've cleaned it off daily since these fires started. My car looks like it has been driven through the war torn middle east. All of this mess and I am no where near any of the fires. I can't begin to imagine what an awful mess it is for the people who are actually in the fire areas. Tonight..say a prayer for them.

On to a happier subject...My nephew, Andrew, belongs to a men's baseball team. He had a game last weekend and their biggest fan came to cheer them on; meet "Crash":

I simply love this smile! This boy is about 60 pounds of slobbering love. He is fairly certain that he is a lap dog and kept trying to sit in his master's lap. His master was a very small young lady and if Crash would have succeeded in getting on her lap I'm sure he would have crushed her.

He's a lucky dog! He's got his very own team jersey.

And now on to something not so cute. My mom and I went to the movies this weekend and saw "Rendition". I didn't care for the movie at all but it was probably because I was in a bad mood due to these idiots:

These two adults were seated in the very middle of the theater, in the best seats in the house, and this women had her feet and legs draped all over the seats in front of her. How totally rude is that?? What a weenie!

Speaking of weenies...would you hire this man to take care of your irrigation needs?

Wouldn't you think that this man or his truck artist would have used spell check before he painted key words on to a some what permanent advertisement? I had to follow this guy in bumper to bumper traffic for about 20 miles on the freeway. If I had a sharpie in my purse I would have jumped out of my car and changed that erroneous "a" to an "i".

And wouldn't be official unless there was a picture of Lorenzo, uh..Dave.

When I found him hiding in my laundry pile this is what he told me:

Me: "Lorenzo, why are you hiding in my laundry?"

Him: " 'Lorenzo?' That's a really stupid name. I've told you before that my name is Dave. Dave Navarro of 'Alice in Chains' fame. How many times are we going to have to go through this?"

Me: " 'Lorenzo' is NOT a stupid name, you were named after my beloved grandfather, but whatever, DAVE, why are you hiding in my laundry?"

Him: "I'm texting my bff Rose."

Me: "You don't have a bff Rose and better don't have a cell phone that can be used for texting purposes."

Him: "nothatyouknow."

Me: "Whatever, dude, get out of the laundry."

Him: "I can't. I'm uh, I'm actually hiding from Papa Rotzi."

Me: "Papa Rotzi"?

Him: "Yes...he is every where and we celebrities do not like him."

Me: "Uh, Smart Guy, have you ever seen this wicked "Papa Rotzi"?"

Him: "No, but you can never be too safe."

Me: "Are you maybe referring to "paparazzi"?"

Him: "That's what I said. PAPA ROTZI."

Me: "Do you even know what that word means?"

Him: (giving me the stink eye...) "Well of course I do... don't be ridicules. whatdoesitmean? "

Me: " 'Paparazzi' is an Italian word that means photographer or people who take your picture."

Him: "Oh, well that is very different. OUTTA of my way!"

Him: "I'm ready for my close up...."

Me: (rolling eyes...) "Go wash your face, DAVE."



Anonymous Daves Aunt Grandma said...

Love those conversations with Dave!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Damn those Papa Rozi and the Gypsies too! That Crash dog sure is cute....all smiles. I love when you can see an animal smile.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Tami W. said...

I love to see an animal smile, too. It was a rare occurance but you should have seen Jennifer smile....

12:02 PM  
Blogger Hazel Peepers said...

Lorenzo ,uh, DAVE is soo cute!!!!
Note to Dave:you do need to wash your face and tell Rose i said hi.And Jill;-)

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Mother said...

Why is your laundry on the floor where he can lay in it? I really wanted to say what everyone else already said so I though I'd try something different, like something a mom would say.

10:51 AM  

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