Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last Friday I came home and as I approached my front door I could hear Ashleigh crying. She is usually sitting in the kitchen window so she can watch me get out of my car and then she runs to the front door and sticks her nose in door edge so that she can weasel her way out while I’m trying to get in. Ashleigh didn’t sound like she was behind the door and she sounded distressed as opposed to gleeful that she was about to dart out the front door. I called her name and she started meowing non-stop. I thought that she was on the roof of my house or one of the neighboring houses. She gets up there sometimes and then acts like she is suddenly feeble and needs assistance getting down. But she was not on the roof. I thought that maybe she was on the shed and was really feigning feebleness but she wasn’t up there, either. As I started to walk away from the shed I heard her cry loud and clear. I was looking all over the place and just as I was almost convinced that she was being held captive in one of the neighboring houses I saw her. Look at this picture and see if you can figure out where she was.

Ashleigh was stuck in between the closed living room window and the screen. The screen was not ripped and the window was not opened. I have absolutely no idea how she got in there. I’ve been dwelling on this since it happened and I can’t even think of one possibility as to how that happened.

I ran inside the house and I very carefully opened the window. One of her legs was sliding along with the window and I could see that it was going to get pinched in between the two windows when they intersected so I had to actually take the whole window off.

Ashleigh screamed and hissed at me, like this was all my fault, and then bounded away down the hall. I have no idea how long she was stuck in that window but it didn’t seem to cause her any damage.

Is this the craziest thing ever, or what?



Anonymous Big hair Envy said...

Sorry, I'm laughing so hard right now that it's difficult to type!!! Poor Ashleigh! She seems determined to make her own life difficult, doesn't she?? What I'm trying to figure out is what type of screen you have. Mine would have popped out or ripped in short order.

Please let me know when you figure out how that silly girl got between the screen and the window. I just can't imagine!

5:43 AM  
Anonymous mina said...

That is the craziest thing ever!

6:55 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Really Long Name said...

My cat would never forgive me if this happened.

I am curious how this would happen...but am scared to know the answer.

7:08 PM  
Blogger Log'sPoundSounds,Proud,Poutty,PrettyorPertitant said...

Making life more difficult? You are joking, right? She is showing all of us and her fellow terrorists how a happy cat is supposed to live and deal with life's little inconveniences! LOL

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, how much do I love that you thought to take a PHOTO before rescuing Ashleigh?

All in the name of the blog. BAHAHAHA!

And now, you GOTTA email me and tell me the Steven Tyler story ...


3:09 PM  
Blogger Tami W. said...

I did feel a twinge of guilt that I ran for my camera and let her remain squished in her lair but a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do, right? (I knew she wasn't injured or I would have not made her wait.)

And yes, I will email you my Steven Tyler story.


4:45 PM  

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