Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekend review from two weeks ago, with no pictures. How boring is that?

This last weekend was a good one. On Saturday, while on my way to meet The International Man of Mystery at a rendezvous spot, (we were going to the cabin and I don't like to drive up the mountain so he picks me up at a Starbucks that is still in the flat lands.), I stopped at the Tyler Mall Nordstroms. I was going to buy new "unmentionables", (isn't that a little nicer than saying, "a new mastectomy bra"?), but as soon as I walked through the door I discovered that they were having a big gala cosmetics make-over event. They had make up artists from just about every cosmetic company known to man kind. I got a make over from a teeny weeny size 2 "esthetician" from "Bobbi Brown Cosmetics" and I wound up looking quite amazing if I do say so myself. She cleansed, softened, toned, moisturized, protected, highlighted and low lighted me within an inch of my life. She colored in my eyebrows, she shaded my nose, she deflected the dark, puffy circles under my eyes, she applied eye liner which was touted as almost permanent unless you remove it with their eye make up remover. In the end it was all worth it. I bought some of the skin care products but I didn't get any of the make up. The prices for their little pots of eye shadow are simply outrageous. I was in shock and awe as I watched the people in line before me buy these little tubs of color and glitter for $45.00. Don't they know that you can go to any .99 Cent store in the world and many a palette with 6 contrasting colors for just under a dollar?
The make up girl asked if I wanted her to apply mascara on me. I told her if she could find any eyelashes on my eyelids then she could just go to town. I told her about going through chemo and the residual problem I have with keeping eyelashes in my eyelids. She told me that she had heard many, many wonderful things about a product called "Revita-Lash". (not a Bobbi Brown product.) It is supposed to really magnify any lashes that you have and then somehow encourage new growth and it is supposed to help them stay in longer. I told her thanks for the advice and I'd check it out the next time I was in a beauty supply store. When I was done with the make over I walked through the mall and lo and behold...I saw a display of "Revita-Lash" in the window. It had a pink ribbon on the package and that impressed me immediately. I went in to the store and asked the sales girl to tell me about the wonders of "Revita-Lash". "It, uh, makes your eyelashes look" Thanks for that glittering hard sell endorsement. So I read the box and of course it sounds like a pretty fabulous item. I thought it would be nice to give this beautiful make over the perfect finish and see if this product was as good as it says it was. Please follow the link and see if you can guess how many tubes of this miracle make up I purchased.

When I met up with my guy I asked him how he liked the make over and he said that it looked so natural that he just thought that I had had a good nights sleep and had spent some time in the sun. He also noticed that I had my hair "low lighted", (and now it's more of a normal color instead of the yellow hair I've been rocking for the last month.)

When I got home on Sunday I discovered that Andrew, who was at a baseball game, had left the house in a total state of disarray and I chose not to stay there and clean it up or look at it so I took myself to the movies. I walked to the Pierside theater and I saw "Super Bad". It was a tad vulgar at times and the humor was very sophomoric however I laughed and laughed in spite of my so called maturity. When the movie was over I walked up main street just to see what there was to see. There had to be at least 45 bajillion people out there. With it being the day before the first day of school for a lot of the population I guess they decided to give their last hurrah to Huntington Beach. All of the bars and restaurants had lines waiting to get in. Ah youth. I no longer have the patience for such madness. But maybe if I looked as fabulous as most of them do I'd join the parade, too.



Anonymous s t a c i said...

It's hard enough to find eyelashes with blonde hair, not to mention after chemo! I was shopping with a friend a while back, and she tried on some sunglasses that she liked, but she couldn't buy...because her lashes hit the lenses. Poor baby. I've never had such a cross to bear. :)

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