Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Part 10

The day after our big night out in Sloan Tori let me sleep in a little bit. (Rumor has it Tori didn't sleep a wink the entire time she was in Europe.) We needed outfits to wear that night. We had 4th row tickets to see "Wicked" and neither one of us had packed anything that we thought would be nice enough for the occasion.

Since the weather was so nice...we took off for parts unknown:

We walked and walked and then realized that once again we, (I), didn't know what the hell we, (I), were doing so we caught a taxi and took it to the European version of Walmart. This store was huge and affordable so of course not one single thing we tried on fit us properly. We left empty handed and continued to shop at other stores in the neighborhood. After trying on what seemed like 100's of pieces of clothing I wound up with a whole new outfit and Tori left the stores with nothing. We were determined that Tori was going to get a new outfit, too, so we continued to shop.

We were walking down a major boulevard and all of a sudden we saw this:
Westminster Cathedral

Even thought it, (just like the majority of Europe), was undergoing construction it was still opened to the public. When we walked through the doors it was as though I had gone through a time warp and was entering a gothic novel. It was so huge and serene and beautiful and peaceful and quiet.

There were small rooms on either side of the main floor that were dedicated to different countries or different saints and monarchs. They were all created out of marble and granite, gold and silver and dark, rich woods. Each room was more ornate than the next.

These lamps were made to resemble acorns.

This was an actual ancient dead body in a glass case. There was nothing saying who it was which I thought was kind of odd.

Two of Tori's 3 sons were named after saints:

St. Andrew was a fisherman so his area of the cathedral was embellished with sea life:

I tried to capture the enormity of this place but without using a flash I just couldn't get a good picture.

Here is another indication of some of the lovely weather we had:

Damn, we are just so photogenic that I decided to end this post with this fabulous picture of the touring twins.....

Don't hate us because we are beautiful~



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