Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to London

The day after we returned to London from Paris the International Man of Mystery took us out for a spectacular night on the town. We had early dinner reservations at The Goring Hotel.

This is one of the ritzy-est places I've ever seen. The chandeliers were all made of lavender Swarovsky crystal and they were spectacular. They didn't allow photographs inside the restaurant or I would have documented them for you. Our waitress spoke English very well unless you tried to discuss something other than exactly what was written on the menu. Tori wanted a chocolate martini but the waitress didn't understand the order so she had the Maitre d come over to translate. I don't think he understood either but there was no way he would have ever admitted that he didn't know what she was talking about so they both agreed that they didn't serve chocolate martinis. So...Tori ordered a vodka martini. I don't know if the waitress noticed the looks on our faces when the martini arrived in a tumbler...and pretty much turned out to be simply a tumbler of vodka with 1 ice cube.

IMOM and I had a wonderful bottle of wine with our dinner and it was very sad when it was all gone. IMOM wanted to get another bottle but I knew that an additional bottle of wine would have rendered me unable to walk home and thus I declined his generous offer.

We all loved our dinner, however as I write this I can't remember what I ordered. For dessert Tori and I each got fresh berries and I swear they tasted like they were grown in sugar. They were the best berries I've ever tasted. We lingered at the table over coffee and then decided to retire to the lounge. We had to walk through the hotel lobby to get to the lounge and I noticed that they sold socks with the restaurant logo on it and I decided that I really, really needed a pair. IMOM ordered our drinks and then laughed as he included two pair of socks with our order.
Black socks with pink trim and a goofy looking sheep...what's not to love?

Here is Tori with the Queen Mum in the lobby of The Goring:

I thought it would be an excellent idea to show the world how badly I needed my hair colored so I took this picture of myself in the bathroom of The Goring:

(I SWEAR I was wearing a full face of make up.)

After we left The Goring IMOM took us to a pub in the Sloan area of London. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sloane_Square) Apparently this was where Princess Diana liked to hang out before she was married to ol' whatshisname, and she and her friends got a kick out of referring to each other as "Sloanies". I don't know the name of the pub we were in but everyone was quite dressed up so we fit right in. Well, that is if you didn't happen to recognize that we were at least 20 years older than everyone else in the room!

Two Sloanies just hanging out at the pub.
(What happened to my make up?)

Stay tuned for tomorrows exciting post, "What I saw at Westminster Cathedral".



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were lavendar Swarovsky crystal chandeliers and you got socks! Are you nuts? Why not throw a few "lavendars" in the suitcase for moi???

9:50 PM  
Blogger Tami W. said...

They wouldn't even let me photograph it...how do you think I was going to get close enough to it to bring it home for you?

4:31 PM  

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